So I've done some shopping ((pics))

  1. :yahoo:the wallet (63), sunnies (63 for sienna couldn't believe it), and gold tote (207) were outlet finds
    large pink heritage tote and ponytail scarf at my local store. :love:
    P1290064.JPG P1290068.JPG
  2. You've been a busy little shopper! Great items - I especially like the gallery tote!
  3. Looks like you had fun shopping! I really like your pink coated canvas tote!
  4. Awesome deals, Darn I need to cross the border and shop at an outlet.
  5. Are those the Brennen shades??
  6. Great buys!!
    Thanks for the pics!!
  7. love the wallet! I have the same one :smile:
  8. Such cute things! Great deal on the sunnies, too. :smile:
  9. no I wish I could have found them there they're lovely
    these are the Siennas
  10. DUH! Hello, I just saw you had said they are sienna's!! :smile:
  11. isn't it great? love the size my first small wallet
  12. Wow, you got some really nice things! I wish I had a Coach outlet closer to where I live. Although, its probably better for my wallet that I don't!

  13. I know what you mean:sweatdrop:
  14. great finds!!! I love the wallet, sunglasses and scarf! :tup:
  15. Ooooo....I love the wallet!! Great finds!