So I've been a bad boy today.. :P

  1. Well I'm a poor student and just started my new part time job so thought I'd treat myself, now let's play, strip tease!! :yahoo:

    Oh and I apologize for my phone camera and the poor quality images!

  2. I really like to see your new goodies:nuts:
  3. is it a keepall?
  4. No more strip teases please!!!! :crybaby:

    A Carryall? Damier Geant Messenger of some sort?
  5. s'been almost 10 mins!! Show us whatcha got!!
  6. Sorry, my internet at uni is realllyyy slow! They're uploading now!

  7. oh my goodness! i think my refresh button is about to die on me! :push: stop with the toruring already! :hysteric:
  8. what is it what is it?!
  9. black denim cabby? :nuts:
  10. theyre takin too much time ause the pics r HUGE!! haha cant wait
  11. Yay!! :yahoo:


    and just a little collection post :p

  12. Great bag ... congrats!
  13. WOW.. verry nice!! excellent choice!!! congrats!
  14. oooh - congrats!

    your collection didn't come up!
  15. Wow I love it!