So, it's 2007....anyone know about the dang Cadenas?


Jul 10, 2006
OOOOHHHH!!! REALLY???? I need to call my SA NOW!!! This will be my first cadena too!!! Does anyone know what the price range is for cadenas? I have never purchased one nor inquired about one at my local H store so I have no idea about prices.:shame: TIA!!!!:heart:


Resistance is Futile
Apr 8, 2006
447's a question. Hypothetical, of course.

Let's say you have a bag that's a few years old and you enjoy dangling locks from each of your bags. This one doesn't have a lock yet. Would you buy the 2007 lock for this bag or find the lock that fits the year the bag was made?

And let's also say, hypothetically, that you don't like to have lots of cadenas around not doing you can only buy one for this particular bag.