So it wasn't ment to be...really dissapointed!

  1. So there will be no blueberry spy for me :crybaby:!
    This whole story took so long and when saturday finally everything was set SA told me I could get it shipped express I was so happy and relieved.
    This morning she called again just to let me know that finally they can't ship express (don't have a contract) so next shipment would be wednesday and it would take about 5-7 workingdays...I have received parcels from UK before and it can easily take up to 10...

    Doesn't work for me since I will be on vaccation before that.

    I am sad, mad etc...if she hadn't made a mistake in the first place all this could have worked out just fine:cursing:. Now I will end up with conversion fees both ways and no bag at all.

    I know , I know this was probably not ment to be.:confused1: Since I was still wondering about the color.
    So from now I will hunt aftar a cognac or black bubbly....but this will have to wait until I get back.:sad:
  2. Aw, sorry to hear that catcat :sad:

    A cognac or black Spy will be a great option, I have both and I am sure you won't be disappointed!
  3. I'm so sorry to hear that. Hopefully they can still locate one for you when you return.
  4. Sorry to hear you weren't able to get your lovely bag because of the SA's mistake. I hope you'll be able to find another one very soon! :heart:
  5. OH NO, this is such bad news, I am so sorry for you Cat :sad:

    You are totally looking at it the right way, by thinking it just wasnt meant to be, otherwise you would drive yourself crazy thinking about it!

    Ahh have a fab holiday, forget about it just for a little while, and your dream bag will be right around the corner.
  6. :crybaby:
  7. aw hugs

    I am sure the next one that comes up will blow you away and you will be glad you didnt get this one
  8. Thanks everybody for your kind words. I feel a bid better now. I feel a bid ashamed to get in a state over a bag but it's just that anticipation has build up. Secret I take your words...really hope so:yes:.
  9. aww :sad: Is there any way you could have it delivered to someone else's house and they can hold it for you till you get back?
  10. I'm so sorry to hear about the bag. Maybe you can find one on vacation!

  11. I had thought about that but if by any chance the bag didn't match my expectation I coudn't have returned it they only have a 7 day return policy.

    But again maybe it's best...I have my eyes set on another one in the browntones, hope it works out.