So it was raining this morning....

Oh Donna!

Sep 8, 2006
It was raining pretty hard this morning when I went to leave for work, and the umbrellas? Well pretty sure there were at least 3 in my car and one in my office, lotta good that does me. My garage was full of boxes for my move next week, and my car was waaaaay on the other side of the complex....jacket? I'm a New Yorker living in Southern California, it has never gotten cold enough here for me to even own one...hmmm

HEFTY BAG! The box is on the kitchen counter...yay! Only one in it...

Oh well...

My Ink Shrug was put in the Hefty bag and off I went...

I look like crap (think drowned rat) ...but my bag is sitting pretty in its usual place on a fluffy towel under my desk. Nice and dry.

For the love of our bags.
:nuts: HeHe! I do the same thing!! If I leave work and it's raining, I take off my jacket to protect my bag! I am so glad to know I am not alone in this act!!! My friend at work thinks I am crazy!!!
Donna...I am just like you....One time I didnt even have a jacket and I put it underneath my shirt--which made me look pregnant.

I am a New Yorker too and currently living in Southern California...where do you usually get your b-bags around here?

it was raining here too this morning. I hid my mini bowler under my jacket and zipped it up. It was nice and dry when I got inside. anything to keep my baby dry:love:
LOL that is too funny!!! I like that you bag sits on a towel under your desk. My hubby dropped mine on the floor the other day off a chair so he could sit down. I almost killed him as he called it a sack as well. But in his defense he has no idea what a bal is.

I have a "bed" in my large file cabinet just for my handbag. I have a LONG two drawer file cabinet in my office. The bottom drawer on the right has been cleared out with (2) sheets folded nicely overlapping the bottom and sides of the purse lies back down every day on her little "bed" and i can lock her up there!!!!
awesome! i think i need a lesson in taking care of bbags, even my husband comments you wouldnt know how expensive they are by they way i set them everywhere.... he only knows, because he buys them!!!!!!!

hey donna, cant believe your leaving southern cal! can i have your job when you leave, i just resigned from mine :yes:
hey donna, cant believe your leaving southern cal! can i have your job when you leave, i just resigned from mine :yes:

Oh sweetie, you dont want my job...I'm a Senior Escrow Officer/Manager. I get **** on every day...great money, but lots of crap! My last day is the 29th. I didnt give my notice until I got my Xmas bonus! woohoo!