So, it lovely Gunmetal Alexandra :(

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  1. I bought the Alexandra in Gunmetal not even 2 months ago and the color is fading and wearing off on the handles. I have read many people complain about the gunmetal color wearing off, but held my breath in hopes it didn't happen to me. I called my local coach store and they said they would order me a new one, only I don't want another one because it would most likely happen to it too! She said she would exchange it for anything in the store. What you you ladies suggest?? I LOVE the style and functionality of the Alexandra. The SA put a croc. one on hold for me. Does anyone know if there are any issues with the black croc? Are there any other styles I should think of getting? I'm off to check the website. Thanks in advance for any opinions!!
  2. WOW, I can't believe it!! I wonder if the gunmetal on the Julia is more substantial. My Julia gunmental bag is my go-to bag - the one I'm not afraid of banging around, and letting it take a bit of a beating. It was the one I took on vacation - dragged through airports - shoved under airplane seats, used as a shopping bag, took on tours, you name it.

    Yet so many gunmetal bags seem to be delicate - but it seems to mostly be Alexandra. I guess different bags have different finishing or something, not sure - maybe the Julia leather is more hardy. It isn't smooshy leather like the Alexandra - maybe sometimes that's a good thing.

    I don't have any advice, but maybe if you love gunmetal try it in a different bag to see if that makes any difference? I thought it looked awesome in the Poppy pocket hobo.
  3. I don't want to hear this!!! I have the gunmetal Alexandra too and I just LOVE this bag...I've had her for about 2 months as well and she still looks great. I'd be crushed if she started to peel. Let us know if they are good about exchanging or replacing your bag...although I'm hoping I'll never have to do this! ;)
  4. Oh, they sound like they will be wonderful about it. I called and the SA was so nice and told me to bring it in and exchange it. Heading out there in a few.....
  5. Awesome - I hope your next one works out better with no issues!! GOOD LUCK and happy to hear they are gonna take good care of you. :biggrin:
  6. I hope all Gunmetal Alexandra's are not like this. I have one on it's way to me. I'm going to take a chance. It is so pretty! Let us know what you exchange it for.
  7. Hmmm. My gunmetal crackle-leather Maggie never had any issues, but it's such a unique leather I don't think it would classify as an average gunmetal bag (just in case you ever decide to find one on Ebay or Bonanzle... I mean, maybe some other gunmetal crackle leather Maggie owners found differently, but mine has been used extensively in the last year and the color is still saturated, with no visible signs of wear).

    A croc bag is always lovely, though it seems that the embossing quality depends on the specific line. For instance, there seemed to be many issues with the embossed bone and pink Madison bags of the last year (embossing almost too deep, so the leather would separate on some bags along the embossing lines). But I have embossed croc peyton bags that never had a single problem, so not all Coach embossed seems to be problematic (and only some of the Madison embossed leather seemed to have that issue with too-deep embossing).

    Good luck with your new bag search!
  8. Cashmere, what bag do you have in your avatar?
  9. At this point I would not buy anything from Coach that is metallic. Too many issues.
  10. How about the silver metallic Alexandra? It's a different type of leather, and a plus is that there's more detail to the bag.
  11. I got the black croc alexandra...she's so pretty :smile:
  12. I hate to report back in this issue- but my second gunmetal Alexandra is having the same rubbing off peeling crack issue as my first, the only difference is that my first lasted 2weeks approx. And my second around 2-4 times wearing! I m done with gunmetal!
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    My Gunmetal Zoe gives me no probs at all...and the gunmetal mia carryall looks like it would hold up also...
    So I do not understand this.
    And about the embossed croc Alexandra...please make sure you feel her up before you buy! She is rather thin...dare I say it, thinner than Mia embossed croc. To me, it seems she would peel instead of crack, even though it sounds unbelievable. I did not like it at please make sure you feel her in person before you take her home, if you can.
    And yes, with seems the carryall's hold up better than the Maggies. Light colors were a problem also.

    ETA: Posted reply before fully reading thread, LOL. Is she holding up well, DoriBelle?
  14. I love the color,but wont buy it. Scares the pants right off of me. Sorry op
  15. The croc is awesome! She doesn't feel thin at all to me. I actually thought the gunmetal was a bit thinner leather. We'll she how it goes...I'm really not that hard on my bags, but the handles HAVE to be held and that is totally wrong for the color to rub off of the leather. The croc handles actually are thicker. Its a more substantial bag, but the only bad thing is so far is there isn't much slouch :sad: Maybe with more wear it will.