So is..?

  1. Is anthracite basically another black? I cant see much detail from the color swatches on atelier.naff -- does anyone know the details?
  2. BalNY described Anthracite as "a very dark grey with an undertone of green". I've never seen it IRL, so I only have that and the online swatches to go on.
  3. Thanks for responding so quickly! I really appreciate that. It sounds nice, but I guess we'll have to see it when it comes out. I heard mid to early feb?
  4. I can't wait to see it IRL too...........
  5. You're quite welcome. :smile:
    I'm not too sure when Anthracite will be available - I think it is a Collection color, so maybe March or April (since the Pre-Collection colors are only now available)? Hopefully someone else will have a more definitive answer!
  6. I'd like to know too! I think this would be an interesting chameleon color! ;)
  7. I am waiting for the Antracite too. Antracite color is very promising, perhaps another chameleon like Ink? :graucho: :drool: