So, is White the new Black??

  1. I've been using my new white Ali for a few weeks and I just love it. I see lots of new white bags popping up and people are carrying them, not waiting for spring! DD and I sat on a bench at the mall the other day, eating our pretzels and counted the white purses that walked by and there were a TON.

    I always thought of white as a spring/summer color but I'm so glad that it seems to have become a year round color.
  2. oohhh I dont' know but I just got my white ali a week or two ago and I :love: her!! I have been wearing mine out everywhere and just think she is sooo great looking. I was in Vegas and saw quite a few white bags too! I know they say that the whole no white after labor day thing is totally done with... so that is a good thing!!! :tup:
  3. I have winter white bags. I just love the looks of white bags. They look so clean and classy. I just bought a white bag and I don't think I could wait until the spring even if I wanted to!
  4. I love my white ali and I use her all the time and now that I think about it I am seeing alot more white bags too. Maybe white is the new black!
  5. I would love to have a white bag, but i am so 'hard' on my bags that I would have to carry Leather Cleaner around with me! I would get so dirty!

    I do like the look of white bags, it makes me think of like, old black and white movies.
  6. ashdir... I started this thread when I saw your new Gardenia Leigh! So pretty! No way you can wait until spring to use that gorgeous bag!!

    As for worrying about getting it dirty, I'm usually neurotic about keeping my bags nice but I just don't worry about it with my Ali. It's the legacy leather anyway which has variations in the surface and texture of the leather. I have taken it to restaurants, shopping, church, and the mall (several times) and I haven't noticed any changes. I just love it too much not to use it!

    Example, I was at a nice restaurant the other night, one that mostly just takes reservations, and I saw a lady dressed very nice in the perfect little black dress and handsome beau at her side. Which Coach was she carrying? The Ali in Whiskey which was obviously "well loved". I really think the legacy leather only gets better with time. Moral to the story, use your bags, for they want to be loved!