So is this MAMMA really a rare style...

  1. or did I buy into some sellers hype? I haven't received it yet, but I know it is a smaller style. I think I will like it regardless but I wanted some opinions from you folks that really know.
    mama1.jpg mama2.jpg mama6.jpg mama10.jpg
  2. I saw those on eBay. That was like a pre-release before tokidoki even began -- that's why it is so rare. If you read the auction, it was the mock-up LSS created for Simone so he could see what they could do with the tokidoki print.
  3. I think its pretty cute. I'd like one.
  4. i've never seen one irl. i'm beginning to think it's a tokidoki urban legend!
  5. I'll let you know, when I receive it and actually have it in my hands! :tup:
  6. I have a Mamma in black, and you will love it. It is definitely small but I can fit my wallet, glasses, makeup and digitial camera easily. Plus the side mesh pockets come in handy to stash your cell phone. I use mine everyday pretty much.
  7. The Mamma is like a mini tote. It's pretty rare since it went the way of the angioletto early on. I think it's great if you like the tote shape, but want it in a smaller bag.
  8. That's kinda my plan, how does the green and blue hardware hold up? I'd be careful but I've seen photos where it's like peeling off?:confused1:
  9. I got my bag when it first came out, I think that was 1 1/2 years ago. The blue hardware looks the same as it did when I first got it. The green rivets have worn a little where you hold the handle, but the bottom ones are fine. The bag has held up incredibly well. You will definitely be happy with it.
  10. The Mamma is rare because it was discontinued after the second season. I have a Black Mamma too that I really enjoy using. It's a nice portable size without being too small.
  11. They're so cute :heart: If only I could get my hands on one of those... I :heart: small bags :p Enjoy it when you get it!!
  12. I was bidding on that one too. I think I'd :heart: the size of a Mamma, but I've never seen one IRL. So cute!!

  13. The Mamma is real, it's just really super tiny. Like, about the size of a Bambinone but like a mini Mamma Mia. I found it too small, as it's a handbag, not a shoulder bag, but I traded with tehlilone and she loves it. Congrats on finding a rarity!
  14. If only i had known abot it way back when they came out. I love tiny bags. Bocce, bambino, name it small is great. though i also love large bags too! Maybe i just love bags in general :smile: