So is there anyone...

  1. who hasn't gotten a PCE card and wanted one? I see a lot of great tPF-ers sharing the wealth with these...
  2. I guess everyone who wanted one got one...yea for tPF!
  3. No, once again I did not receive one. However I am going to the store tomorrow and asking for the discount, because the SA told me to do that last time. For some reason they have me listed as "do not send mail" in the computer, and they try to fix it every time and obviously it doesnt ever get fixed! Kinda pisses me off, but...
  4. I didn't get one either. I'm waiting to see if anyone uses theirs this weekend and then offers it to someone else. There is still plenty of time left to use the PCE card next weekend if someone is nice enough to mail it out this week.
  5. Did you ladies try asking your SA at your local store for the discount? I'm wondering if they'd give it to you since a lot of stores seem to give them to walk ins who mention PCE. Then you don't have to wait on a card.
  6. Well it sounds like you have a good SA that is going to take care of you!
  7. Sent you a pm...
  8. tanukiki - you are a saint. Thank you.
  9. I'm still looking for one too.
  10. I was hoping I'd get a PCE this month for all the new bags coming! T_T
  11. I didn't get it but I just started buying at the Outlet in August and bought my first boutique purses in November during the Outlet PCE so I didn't expect to get one.
  12. My DH would beg to differ :lol::angel:
  13. if anyone has an extra PCE card, please shoot it my way!

    my mom wants a large tote, and i wasn't able to get to macy's over the weekend.
  14. So heres the weird thing. Remeber how I was all confused wondering why I didnt get one this time? Well when I went to make my purchases (among other things i got my mom the bleecker mini skinny for christmas- she loves the carriage print!!! :yes:) I asked the SA if she could give me the PCE discount even though I didnt have a card. Apparently the store by me is strict about this because she said her boss wouldnt let her unless i was on "THE LIST." So she looked me up and said hmmm it says here that you should have gotten one- we mailed it out to you the other week! I was like YAYYYYY & she gave me the discount. I have no idea why the PCE coupon never made its way to my house? I guess it was lost in the mail? So here is my advice to people who didnt get one and thought they would- call your store and have them look you up- maybe it was just a mistake somewhere along the way since thats what happened to me! Good luck everyone! :drinkup:
  15. I am clueless as to when the Preferred Customer Events are, but if anyone gets a PCE that they are not planning on using, I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to use it. I'm a poor college student with an obsession with Coach and a teeny-tiny collection (a hobo, a wristlet, and a key chain.. as well as a fake someone gave me.. yuck!) Thank you so much!!!