So, is there a new violette epi coming out or is it just vernis?

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  1. I'm confused and I've done 2 board searches. I found the new vernis color, violette. I've heard mention of a new purple epi color, but can't find anything concrete. If someone has already posted this, could you please direct me to the thread? If not, then has there been any confirmation of a new epi color? TIA for your help!

  2. bump, anyone?
  3. I think they only have the new violette for Vernis. Call louis and ask.
  4. Didn't realize I could do this--thank you. I called and they told me no new epi :sad: I was hoping for a rich purple. Bummer.
  5. No way! I thought a new color was being released around February. Oh no.
  6. I m not sure but the new epi color will be purple and for sure new vernis color is viollette...
  7. I was thinking the same! Its time for a new epi colour!