So, is the women's Besace different than the GH flat hobo messenger?

  1. If so, does anyone have a pic?
  2. The only bag technically called a hobo is the one introduced last year with GH, the crescent-shaped one. If that's what you mean, the new women's besace is different. Here it is. :smile:

  3. Ok, that's the one I was referring to. Thanks!
  4. I think it's pretty!
  5. i saw this bag in ocean with SGH at Barneys in LA yesterday. it was gorgeous - it reminded me of the older flat hobo's.

    interesting note - the ocean bags seem to have a white color stitching, like on a pair of jeans. it's pretty but a little casual for a sophisticated bag with SGH...
  6. nicole, how flat or deep were these besace bags? As it was described a while back, it seemed not as flat as the hobo. Did you notice? Thanks.
  7. it's flat, very similar to the 02-03 messengers but the strap isn't as long & it has an inside zip pocket. :smile:
  8. Would anyone know how much they are please?
  9. If I'm not mistaken it's in the US $1195-1295 range. Most likey 1195
  10. i think they're 1125. a bargain!
  11. Thank you ICB.:yes:
  12. I noticed that about the stitching. I love it for the RH bags. It makes me really want one......a cute little first. I need to stay off this board if I want to keep my collection minimal.:nuts:

  13. Yes, that's what I was quoted today. :tup:
  14. Even better!:yes:
  15. any modeling pics of this bag yet?