So is the Step out yet?

  1. Since the Violet and Jaune are finally appearing!!! :tup:

    I was wondering about the Step. Is it out yet?:confused1:
  2. i am wondering as well! Hopefully there will be a sighting soon!
  3. I know!!! I am dying to seee ittttt
  4. I don't think so. I rang Matches again mid way through last week because their is a photo of the Step in their Lookbook. The SA was going to check the Balenciaga stuff that had just been delivered on Thursday and email me if the Step was amongst it. No word yet.
  5. I saw a pine step at NM Fashion Island in Newport Beach. But BalNY doesn't have it yet. Weird, huh? :yes:
  6. can anyone post a photo???
  7. I know! Photo anyone?
  8. Hmm.. is this it?

  9. Will it be available in Ivory??? :confused1:
  10. BabyK - your photo won't show on my computer. Please could you try again?
  11. I can't see that picture! :sad:
  12. I cant see the picture either
  13. BabyK, are you teasing us? Please try to post the photo again (pretty please!)
  14. i can't see the photos too! :crybaby:
  15. [​IMG]

    (Incoralblue posted this pic in the "BALENCIAGA NEWS!!! Official FW07 NAMES OF COLORS, NEW Styles, & Trunk show info..." thread in the Shopping subforum)