So is the rumored Botkier online sample sale really just a rumor?

  1. I know some have called and have been told that it will be happening in January, while others have been told that is not the case? Does anyone have any updated info? Thanks!
  2. They almost always do one. For several years now that I can remember. Unless they have like no stock left I don't know why they wouldn't have one.
  3. I emailed them couple days ago about some things and I included a question on the online sale. I got the reply today but she totally ignored the question on sale. I have a feeling that they won't have it this January. :sad:
  4. I really hope they are just trying to be mysterious...I might actually cry if there is no online sale in the very near future!! :crybaby:
  5. I emailed them back in December and they said that IF they had a sale online it would be in January. I am starting to loose hope though. :sad:
  6. Ugh. This is really disappointing.

    Botkier has both decreased quality AND had a downturn in customer service in recent years. And I had been a HUGE fan of the brand in the beginning. I've had maybe 15 or more Botkier bags over the years. But they need to realize that they are going to lose business and brand loyalty to better indie brands like RM if they don't keep up with the great service and quality those other brands currently provide (and at slightly lower prices, too!)

    Okay, I'm done with my rant. :p
  7. I agree, customer service is super important!!!
  8. I am totally with you, HitchcockBlonde! All these brands I have been fans of in the beginning (Botkier, Kooba, Hayden-Harnett, etc.) have all been declining in terms of quality and customer service ever since they started outsourcing their manufacturing overseas (i.e. China). I think in the short run it boosts their revenue and they get more exposure, but in the long run I think it's bad for business since the brand gets diluted and they lose cachet. I don't know anyone who pays retail for any of those brands anymore (because it's not worth it since the quality has gone down! but instead of lowering prices and passing the savings onto the customer, they only jack up prices even more), whereas I certainly have paid retail in the beginning when the bags were made in NY/US. Don't get me wrong, I still buy those brands, but only at heavily discounted or sample sale prices.
  9. WOW Botkier is made in China now :nuts::cursing: I wont buy again. I liked that they were made in NY. I got one of the first Kooba Sienna bags and I recently saw that flower cutout design in Neimans and I could not believe it was a Kooba. It looked like something that would hang in TJ Maxx for $29.99. I wouldnt give that brand a 2nd look now either.

    What a shame. I will stick to my LV bags!