the planner worth the money?

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  1. hi everyonE! my bf just got me the 4x7 minisig planner (thats how you say it right) in the pretty brown that size a good one for using everyday for homework assign, meetings, etc. is it too small? do you love yours? thanks for the imput!:smile:
  2. i got one but i hardly use it. mine is all pink in leather. i actually bought it at the outlet for 30. i saw an all black leather on at the store for 110.
  3. I had one, but i returned it because i really didn't think i would be using it. Since i have a cell with a planner, it really isn't useful.
  4. i use mine everyday.
  5. I think so. If you're using a planner, a Franklin Covey will run you neck-n-neck in terms of price. So I vote for the Coach planner.
    Be organized in style!:love:
  6. I think the small one is more then enough, I had a a deep pink with purple hues one with purple leather trimming, but I ended up selling it, it just wasn't worth it, and it was too easy to scratch for me to deal with. I don't think they have a design currently worth it, but thats just my opinion. I did order teh pocket calendar during the PCE because that would fit my needs while I am thinking of getting a similar paul smith one next year if I like that size. Maybe get a cheap one in the outlet and see if you like the size? It all depends on you, if you love the design and it fits your needs. For work and school and life the small one fit okay, and it fit into my smaller bags which was a plus.
  7. meeeeeek your dog is sooo darn cute. i just gotta say that.

    as for planners i have two. one in mellow yellow from the outlet (*love it, would still if there wasn't a stupid pen mark on it =p*)

    and the turn lock in the small size.

    i use mine everyday, mostly to keep track of my schedule at work and any important events/deadlines at school. i am the type that will remember very well but sometimes in the "moment" i will forget so the planner is nice.

    is it worth it? only if you love that particular style and plan on refilling it, using it year after year.

    or you have money to blow and love it anyways.

    otherwise there are some cute japanese animate ones i love, but unfortunately cannot use because i rather stick with my somewhat expensive planner then buy every cute one that crosses my path.
  8. actually, i vote for the LV small agenda. a bit more, but durable, cute as all get out, and it can double as a wallet, just hand hold it and it will always look good. There are filofax inserts that fit it as well to open up your agenda options. The coach ones seemed too small. (the inserts were small for the size of the agendas)

  9. Thanks, she's bratty though. She goes through mood swings. LOL. But I love her to bits.
  10. I want one. That has to be one of my next coach purchases.
  11. I have the large legacy striped agenda; prior to that I had an apple green coach 4 x 7. I really never used the small one (just way too small) but I LOVE my new agenda. I write notes to myself daily and keep track of when I excerise, etc. Well worth the $$$!
  12. I think its worth its durable and you're using it everyday. I like your bf did good its better than getting one from Target or Walmart that might tear easily.
  13. Ohh, the Large Legacy striped agenda is totally on my list. It is gorgeous! Totally fabutron to the extra fullest. I am glad to see that you love it! yay! I can't wait to get mine:P
  14. I'd love to get one but I can't seem to use a planner consistently to justify purchasing a nice one. My dinky one doesn't get much use as is already.
  15. they are worth their weight in gold when i have forgotten an appointment and discover it in my handy dandy planner!