So is the Monogram Canvas Speedy...

  1. "over" now? I still don't have mine yet.:cry: :lol:

    All of this Damier Speedy talk is causing me to add another bag to the wish list.:rolleyes: :biggrin:
  2. I wouldn't say the mono speedy is 'over'. There is just a new speedy out so that's all the excitement right now.

    The mono pattern is classic so always "in".
  3. I'm with you buttery - I've been wanting a monogram speedy for a while but still don't have one. Now I'll probably get the damier first...
  4. Mono speedy will never be over ...
  5. The mono speedy is a classic. It will never be over.
  6. exactly :yes:
  7. Why would it be "over?"
    It's been a classic for many years so just because they come out with a new material doesn't make the monogram one "over."
  8. The mono speedy is timeless, I don't think it'll ever be "over". Too classic.
  9. I think mono canvas will outlast them all!!!
  10. Agreed!:yes:
  11. Mono canvas is a classic.
    I think others can pull off the checked pattern of the Damier, but I never felt it looked right on me.
  12. I dont think the mono speedy will ever be over. It will always be timeless.
  13. Do you think the Damier Speedy is timeless as well? :oh:
  14. Ya gotta have BOTH!!! I think the Mono AND Damier patterns are classic and timeless. Cerises and Multicolor are more trendy and fun pieces.
  15. I prefer the mono over the damier. I'm not a damier person. I don't like checkers