So, is the fall lookbook available yet?

  1. I'm thinking ahead for the fall and definetly don't want to be locked out of a great bag. Any idea if the fall lookbook is available yet. I did see some of the snapshot on and I like a black speedy (the one w/o the fur).
  2. IDK. I'll check tmrw.
  3. What does the speedy look like? Do you have a pic?

  4. i think the Look Books usually come out around August-September. im so excited too!
  5. i went this past wednesday and my SA told me they don't have them in yet. i guess they're waiting til all the s/s bags are released.
  6. Worldwide or just in oz b/c i know oz usually gets stuff l8r than most
  7. This would be a very good thing to find out... whoever gets their hands on it first... remember to let the rest of us know! :nuts:
  8. I don't think that one will be out until July or August. The summer accessory book just came out about a month ago so it's too soon for the Fall one yet.
  9. It's still a little early, the european managers just had a big meeting though where they got to see all the fall bags
  10. UGH I'm so out of the loop....where is this black speedy? It's not the techno one is it?
  11. I can't wait either:hrmm: ...

    ^^^you should be exited!

    oh ya :wlae: :yahoo: :party: :dothewave:
  12. Is the speedy you are all talking about the black doctor shaped bag? Or am I missing it?
  13. I can't wait to see it.