So is the "Blondie" back in stores?

  1. I was in the Rodeo Drive store today. I saw two Blondie bags high up on the self. One was a leather white bowler and the other was a red, blue and white leather tote.

    The store was so crowded that I didn't feel like inquiring with a SA as to whether the bags were just "for show" or for sale.

    Anyone know if they are bringing the "Blondie" GGs back?

    Oh... and I didn't have the line confused with the Britt line or any other line... it was Blondie for sure. Both bags were gorgeous!!
  2. Really? Are you sure it wasn't the Britt medallion bags?
  3. Positive. The "G" formation was JUST LIKE the GGs on your bowler in your avatar. The GGs were black (or brown)... NOT medal. I want to say the GGs were stitched on one of the bags but the shelf was pretty high up and I'm a peep-squeak :smile:

    If anyone is interested... they can always call the Rodeo Drive store in Beverly Hills, CA.

    I was curious to know if anyone read or heard anything about Blondie making a comeback. Maybe the design I saw today has a new name... but it is not Britt. I own a medium Britt tote and tall black Britt boots. These bags were not Britt.
  4. wow, thanks for the info!
  5. that would be awesome!!
  6. I've been searching high and low for it !!
  7. Kssthis is right there is a similar line to the Blondie coming out end of summer or early fall. It's called the "Snow Glam"! The Snow Glam bowlers are much bigger than the Blondie bowlers and the interlocking GG's are leather not hardware. They will come out with a shine leather but not patent leather. Think the colors of this line will be black, white, and brown. I heard these bags are huge. Can't wait to see them in person.
  8. Sounds great, would love to see something along the lines of the Blondie return.
  9. Thanks for clearing that up Lady. The white bowler was TDF!!!! Only... I was in there for the chocolate guccissima chain hobo so I had to stay focus!!!

    The bags are BEAUTIFUL in person ladies!! You'll love them! I would have taken a picture for you guys but the store was soooo crowded with tourists, etc... I didn't want to look like a crazy lady :wacko:.

    If someone has an SA at the Rodeo store... maybe they can have them send over pictures. I really want everyone to see them....
  10. Dang... I thought my bowler was already too big. Sounds huge!
  11. wow, thats nice to hear, i hope we can get pics here soon!
  12. uh oh, just bought a gucci and I really don't want to add anything else to the wish list. Oh well, on it goes.
  13. Hmmm, not so good news for the previous owners. :p
  14. it sounds absolutely GORGEOUS..too bad its so gigantic -- not my cup of tea!
  15. I can't wait!!! I want one for sure! I love huge bags! --<-------right Blondie bowler?:nuts::heart: