So, is Ralph Lauren COMPLETELY out of ideas?


Which of these is the best knockoff?

  1. "Speedy"

  2. "Birkin"

  3. Vachetta Bag

  4. "Keepall"

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  1. I was just browsing the RL website, and came across a few oddly "familiar" bags.

    1. The Ralph Lauren "Speedy"- except it's called the "Canvas Madison Bag" and costs $1,395. Yes, that's right, the IMPOSTER costs more than twice the price of the LV speedy.

    2. Ralph Lauren "Birkin"- comes in two colors and rings in at $3,000. At least it's cheaper than a real Birkin!

    3. Ralph Lauren "vachetta"- isn't it interesting how similar this bag looks like the patina'd leather trim on a mono LV? $895

    4. Ralph Lauren "Keepall"- no, no, you silly people! It's the Boston Classic Duffle bag! It's an Ralph Lauren classic for $1,495.

    And this is what happens when they try to be creative- a fish net bag! And it's only $2,950! I'm guessing it'll enter PF infamy along with that "headrest" Chanel bag on Bluefly.
    RL speedy.jpg RL Birkin.jpg RL patina.jpg RL keepall.jpg RL fish.jpg
  2. He seems to be sticking to the classic styles, and they've been around forever. Yawn at the designs, and WHOA at those prices. Oh well, there IS a sucker born every minute.
  3. Gosh, that is just sad!
  4. I guess I'm tacky then because I think the speedy and birkin inspired bags are very nice. I wouldn't pay those prices though.
  5. there is a limit to the shapes a bag can have so i guess it is inevitable that some bags look alike. just take a look at the boston bags at dior and gucci.
  6. putting aside that they are obvious knockoffs, they are nice-looking (except for that fishnet thingey). but shame at those prices, wtf??
  7. The fish net bag is terrible..I prefer privacy. The prices are to steep for me.
  8. The speedy and keepall are nice. There's really only so much you can do, and Ralph Lauren is always about classic style for the most part, excluding that fishnet monstrosity. That's pretty much the worst thing I've ever seen.
  9. I :love: :love: :love: this bag though. I've always been a fan of RL but yes, now that you mention it, the bag does look like the Birkin.
  10. that's crazy

    and while i may like the style overall i couldn't but it from them jsut out of principle

    especially if its not like it's an improvement on the bag
  11. I love the Ricky, as well (and have said so before). Who cares if it resembles a Birkin in ways? Nobody has a monopoly on good looks and functionality. This goes double for the classic designs. I love the Ricky in alligator with the gold-tone hardware. I've seen it in a fabric-and-leather combination, as well, and its equally gorgeous.

    I have a Ralph Lauren Birkin-style satchel in all leather - its one of my favorites - a real work-horse with good looks.
  12. Very well said.
  13. Sad... RL should forget about bags and focus on clothes, which he is still good at, most of the time.
  14. lol Yeah. Well the inspired Speedy RL I dont mind so much because almost every designer has a bag this shape. Seriously, lol.

    Everyone copies from someone.