So is it right that lambskin no longer exists for Jumbos?

  1. Just called Chanel Bond Street London looking for one and they say that this bag no longer exists and never will. If I want a jumbo I can only have it in caviar.

    Is this right?

    If so I am well and trully gutted!
  2. OMG I was about to order a black lamb jumbo before the price increase!I must check it up soon Thanks-I just hope that they're wrong!
  3. Called the other store and yup they told me the same. Can only ever get Jumbos in caviar now!!

    Its a sad sorry day for me !
  4. A Fer recently said that a new type of lambskin more sturdy will be released for the new jumbos or something like that.I haven't seen any lamb jumbos on my local b in Vienna either but then it's quite a small b here!Any news about the classic med/large flaps???This is awful indeed!:wtf::sad:
  5. Oh dear, maybe you guys should call around, there might still be old stock around?!
  6. I found the thread it was about the vintage XL ...secret shopaholic I've read you've got one this a new bag??if so they might release the jumbo in this sturdy lamb in the future (crossing my fingers)!
  7. Thanks ice earl are you in the states or Asia ?any info from your SAs??We are constantly in the blind here !TIA!:smile:
  8. ^I am in HK, Asia, a few weeks ago when I bought my Jumbo, they only have it in Caviar.
  9. Thanks ice Earl!:smile:
  10. Yes, it's true. I called dept. stores, Chanel 800 #, etc. & there were no more jumbo lambskin bags. One of my SA's (lisa hamlin) did run across a black jumbo lamb with silver hardware a few weeks ago, but I was looking for gold. I have no idea if it's still available or not. 800-937-6488 is the #. I forgot to add, this is at Neimans.
  11. Its a sad hanbag day today thats for sure!
  12. :crybaby::crybaby::crybaby:
  13. :crybaby:I am not crazy about caviar, so this truly makes me sad. Everything seems to be telling me I need to get into vintage NOW.
  14. thanks for the info.
  15. OMG, merde -- what next? Why, why, why. (I find jumbos heavy due to my back problems but I love my big plum.) I'd love to hear the logic behind this seemingly insane decision of which there seems to be no shortage -- plastic handles and now this. What next? Oh, 3 more price hikes in 2007 and 5 more in 2008. Oops, I just fell off the soap box (thud).