So is it ready or not??

  1. Hey all I'm not sure if you guys remembered a couple months ago I had my speedy handles replaced. So I was wondering if I can start carrying her now. The patina process is slowly coming along but I haven't had the chance to really sit her in the sunlight. What do u guys think?
    image-884363193.jpg image-4021755832.jpg
  2. Would you be able to tell me how much they charge to replace the handles?
  3. I think you should carry it for a while and that will also help with the patina process the patina will blend in faster than you think. IMO it looks great carry it for a week or 2 and you will notice the difference :smile:

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  4. the handles are still a bit light... are you able to just put them in the sun just for a day or two to get them a little darker??? the bag sure does look good!!!!;)
  5. Beautiful ! We are going to have 3 Hot and sunny days here in NY so if you use it this weekend it's going to Patina beautifully
  6. Actually I am headed to the Bahamas next week so I'm thinking to carry her and let her get some of that Caribbean sun.. I'm so used to carrying my ebene 35 that the 30 feels so small now lol..
  7. I think carrying it will help, go for it!
  8. I think it was 80.00 per handle.. I did a thread about it when I got it done and the actual price.. I got it done in January and it's basically just been sitting out in my bedroom.
  9. Thanks for the response :smile:. It came out beautifully
  10. Lucky you ! Yes once you have the 35 the 30 disappears as if it never existed lol .
  11. I would use it! I was wondering why they didn't replace the chapes along with the handles? Not that they needed it but did you have the choice? I did mine a couple of years ago and they didn't have a price breakdown with or without chapes.
  12. YES! start carrying her so she can start w/ the tanning process and catch up w/ the rest of the vachetta!
    Have fun in the Bahamas :drinkup:
  13. Yes the price increases for each one and they felt it really was a waste of money because it was in great condition. They also mentioned it would take my handles no time to blend in cause the tabs weren't dark.. All I got was new handles and new rings.
  14. Oooh, Bahamas...nice! Great idea, warm up those handles in the sunny Caribbean! Enjoy!
  15. Wrap a towel around the bag and stick her in the sun rotating sides very hour...and wear away