it Mad-el-linn or Mad-el-ine?

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  1. Is it just me or do some stores pronounce it one way while other stores pronounce it another? I know the second option is how they spell it but I call it Mad-el-lyn.
  2. I pronounce it like you.
  3. this is too funny because my dh and I were having the debate on the Leigh today.. is it prounounced Lee or Lay?!? :shrugs: :roflmfao:
  4. Haha, I would say madelinn (short i sound) and lay for leigh lol; never really thought about it though!
  5. i say madelynn and lee. :smile:
  6. Ditto!
  7. Mad-el-inn and lee is how I pronounce them.
  8. mad-uh-linn...lee...

    (leigh is my middle name, and i've always ever heard it as being "lee" that's why i pick that!)

    i look like such a goober right now, i'm sitting here saying out loud, "mad-AH-lin? mad-ah-line?" and then trying to imagine out loud how i would use it in a sentence. thank good my hubby isn't home, i wouldn't hear the end of it!
  9. Mad-el-in and Lee here! :smile:

  10. same here. I have friends who have those names, so that is how i pronounce it.
  11. same for me too
  12. Yikes, I always thought Leigh was pronounced 'lay'!

    I pronounce it Mad-a-linn - no idea if that is correct though, considering my track record. ;)

  13. I say "lay" and "mad-uh-line" (like the character from the books!)
  14. well i say "lee" and "ma-da-line" but maybe it's "mad-a- lynn" i guess it depends on which way you spell it?
  15. Me too!