So is anyone free this Thurs, Fri and next Mon and Tues?

  1. ..because Kooba Holiday Sale.

    Mi amiga tells me there might be more newer things, Fall line, though because the last two was basically Spring 07. I hope she's right because I would really like a Natasha in Black Patent for a steal!

    Here's the invitation. I think it's going to be done by Kooba and not SSS. :tup:
    November 2007 Holiday Sample Sale Invitation.JPG
  2. Would be fun to go . . . if I lived in NY. LOL! Can't say that there were many bags from the Fall line that really grabbed me. But, a black patent Natasha could be rather nice. Hope they have one for you!
  3. xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  4. I cannot wait....and I will be there. :smile:
  5. anyone know if they accept cc or is it cash only? and how many % is the sale normally?
  6. I wish!!!!!:girlsigh:
  7. Oh wish I didn't see this but I am thinking of going though...I was wondering if Kooba was going to have their sample sale for the holidays -- forget SSS forever! :yucky:
  8. not allowed!!!
  9. oohhh yea hha :smile: i am not even in the market for any morre koobas but these darn things draw me in like magnets! :smile:
    i rpbo wont go till fri afternoon or monday morning,
    i cant decide i sort of feel like monday might be better? maybe they will restock for the start of the new week? who knows :smile: AHH so many sales, SO liitle $ :smile:
  10. I'm only going if they have ADAs on sale...but I'm assuming it's mostly last season's stuff, yes?
  11. The sale is great, they have devins, elishas, bonnie, cassandra, linda, aram, jennifer, hudson and many others. The cheapest thing is the Nina in slate for 75.00 and the Meredith in slate for 100.00 The most expensive bag was the Charlie in Python for 295.00 which sold out immediately. Most bags were at the 225 - 250 price point.

    I thought it was way organized and better run than SSS. Though SSS had more popular bags in more's defintely worth it and above the SSS sale. Don't miss this one. Go if you can
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  13. I got an elisha from the sale, the bag I've been eyeing for the last 6 months :yahoo:. They only had the suede ones and I got the black one for $225.

    And also, there's no tax if you pay cash :tup:
  14. not allowed!!!
  15. they do have Natasha in black patent...they sold out of the gunmetal.