So irritated with first selling experience

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  1. I put a bag up on Craigslist, directing buyers to authenticate it here or meet at a department store. I got an e-mail from this girl who counter-offered, and said she can pay cash ASAP. I wrote her back and accepted, and asked if she wants to meet at a store. She said we can just meet in my city and asked if I had the authenticity card and/or receipt. The authenticity card was one of the pictures in the posting :confused1:

    Before I can respond, she sends another e-mail asking for more pictures. I wrote her back with two additional pictures that I took when I listed the bag but didn't post (Craigslist only allows 4 pictures), and asked her to specify what she wants to see, and I'll send them after I get back from dinner.

    When I got back, she wrote that she found the bag for less on...wait for!! With the cheapest shipping, the price difference is $38 from what I agreed to. Uhhh...:Push:
  2. I sold a few bags on ebay recently and I have to say I did not enjoy the experience. I won't be doing it again in a hurry. Next time I'll think long and hard before I buy anything so I won't want to sell it on!
  3. I've purchased items on ebay successfully but I've never sold anything anywhere. I am very curious about the MP from this forum but I don't qualify yet. I wonder how that works. I love the idea of a marketplace to buy and sell where you are kind of like a family and can trust eachother.
  4. Yea, this is just frustrating. I was really excited when I thought I was about to make a sale. Oh well, there are so few authentic bags on Craisglist, I'm sure another buyer will come along. It just irks me that for a $38 difference, she's going to be walking around with a fake.
  5. I wonder if she knows the other bag's a fake?
  6. I wrote her back and told her that it's ok if she doesn't buy mine, but I would still like to let her know that elleluxury sells fakes. I also gave her the link to eluxury so she knows where the other website got its name.

    But I haven't heard back, so I don't know if she thinks I'm lying, or she doesn't care, or she already ordered and it's too late.
  7. If that buyer would choose a fake one for $38 less than the real thing, she's an idiot and your bag would have gone to waste. When I sell bags, it makes me happy when the buyer is someone who appreciates bags and is educated about them. Hopefully you'll find someone like that for this bag!
  8. Good point, I would like my bag to have a good home. If the buyer didn't know she is getting a fake from elleluxury, I feel bad for her. Because she asked me for the authenticity card and the receipt, I would think she is concerned about the bag being a fake. Oh well, I guess we all learn somehow.
  9. Same here! I think I would rather sell stuff here since we sort of know the people here (if we come here often enough) and we actually know we are selling it to people who really do appreciate the bags!
  10. I must say...I sell things on Ebay frequently, but only recently gotten into selling bigger ticket items (I sold my cornflower twiggy and a python silverado...) and that is when it gets the scariest to me!
  11. Don't take it personally; I've sold tons of stuff on Craigslist and I can tell you that 75% of the people that write to you are flakes. Sometimes I wonder if these people just write to purposely get people's hopes up without any intention of buying. I used to go out of my way to meet with these people only to sit and wait for no I do it on my own terms and tell them to meet me when/where it's convenient for me.

    You may have better luck with Ebay or other message boards where you can sell items (there are lots of fashion and beauty boards that have marketplaces). Good luck!!
  12. I'm ok with not making the sale. I just think it's silly for her to have a fake for such a little difference in $. I'm scared of ebay now after joining this forum :wtf:. I shouldn't be too discouraged though, it was the first attempt after all :smile:
  13. I am trying to make sure I really love something when I buy it because selling bags can be a pain.
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