So IRKED!! i had a feeling it was gonna be that way.

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  1. i had a listing on eBay and this lady used BIN on my auction about like 20 mins after i listed. She had 0 feedback when she bid on my item. But as of today, she has 19 positives. i find that her feedback received was kinda shady too, as different sellers were leaving her the same exact feedback!
    Seller A: Hope to deal with you again. Thank you. Feb-04-07 15:13
    Seller B: Hope to deal with you again. Thank you. Feb-04-07 15:17
    Seller C: Quick response and fast payment. Perfect! THANKS!! Feb-04-07 15:23
    Seller D: Quick response and fast payment. Perfect! THANKS!! Feb-04-07 15:29
    Feedback appeared one after another, all from different sellers selling CD's

    Later on, she BIN'ed about like 40 something items (tons of CD's and dooney bags) over the course of 2 days. After i send an invoice (giving her benefit of doubt), she emailed me saying she's going to pay today. And today she send me this email after i sent a reminder, and stating i only shipped to confirmed paypal address-

    "Hello, I am so sorry but I have had a tragedy happen in my father passed away...I will not be able to pay fr or this due to the fact I have to fly to CA. to be with my mom and the rest of my family. I am so sorry, I don't know what else to tell you but the truth! If you feel the need to leave negative because of this I will understand. I just cannot help it.

    Thank you, D.H."

    i'm trying to be sympathetic and all, but i've heard about these stories many times. i certainly will give her a negative, but i would really HATE it if she gave retaliatory feedback. She was still buying stuff as of yesterday. It sucks that i have to wait 7 days to file for NPB. i listed the bag with hopes that i can sell it by Valentine's day. So annoyed right now :cursing:

    Any advice what to do at this point? PM me if you want the bidder's eBay ID.
  2. I'd probably just wait the requisite 7 or 8 days, then file a NPB on her. I'm sure lots of other sellers will do the same and she will be NARU'd. Unfortunately, it doesn't sound like she's likely to pay EVER. Plus, how much harder is it to go into your paypal account and click pay than to write an e-mail saying you can't pay because a family member died? And what's with the still bidding on eBay? Is it for funeral attire?

    I'd put money on her never paying. Unfortunately you just have to wait it out until you can file and get your fees back and relist.
  3. It may be a hijacked account send ebay an email saying that you think account has been hijacked they will investigate & if this is the case they will remove all listings so there will be no chance of negative feedback. One word of advice relist your item now or you will have to start from scratch as when they remove you will not be able to find it again

    I have a buyer who has been stringing me along since beginning of january saying that her father died I know she has no intentions of paying but there seems to be no irregular activity on her account so I am in a different situation & could get negative retaliatory! Ebay is not easy LOL I am just wondering perhaps it is the same buyer with another account, if you want you can PM me the name of your buyer we can compare notes
  4. Wait the required 7 days. File a Non-Paying bidder report. Since she'll be in California with her mother, she won't be able to respond the NPB report. On the 8th day close the dispute and you will get your final value fees. If she does not respond to the NPB report you can leave her a negative and she cannot leave you a negative because she loses her feedback privilege. She can leave feedback, but eBay will make it a neutral and will include a note that she did not participate in the NPB dispute.
  5. Is there a way to block her from bidding on my future auctions?
  6. Yes, go to all selling tools and there will be a link to block/preapprove bidders.
  7. Sorry... this is terrible for you. I would wait to leave feedback and hopefully she won't respond to the NPB complaint. I have to figure out this PM thing so I can get her ID...

    Also, I wouldn't wait the full 7 seven days to relist. Would a five day listing still give you enough time to ship for Valentine's Day?
  8. ^ Thanks for your advice ladies. Just threw her in my block list.
    Sometimes i'm not even sure if it's worth it to deal with ebay =(
  9. I don't sell that many things on ebay, but it is amazing how many people have a death or tragedy in the family.:s
  10. I agree, that feedback is fiiiiishy.
  11. I assumed that part was a lie... I wouldn't be surprised if she did not go to CA. Are you saying she will expose her lie if she were to respond?
  12. Yes, I don't believe her either. She's hoping that her lie works and the OP won't give her a negative, maybe she doesn't know enough about eBay to know about NPB reports. If she responds to it, she's caught in a lie.
  13. I can't people would stoop this low! It's disgusting. eBay is such a pain!
  14. Update: She received her first NEG this morning at 6:20am PT (which is 9.20am her time since she's in TN), she did a follow up reply 15 minutes after the NEG was left. If her dad really passed away, i didn't think ebay would be her first priority in her list. Shouldn't she be mourning instead of checking her feedback?

    i left one today as well. Her ebay ID is tnwolves and she's now NARU'd. i still have to wait 7 days to file NPB to get back my fees. What a pain...
  15. Next time you list an auction with a BIN, add the "Immediate Payment Required" feature. No one can end the auction unless they pay first.