So instead of that white summer bag......


Jan 21, 2012
The weather is ridiculous. I'm going to Edinburgh next week on holiday and it's bound to be wet. I can see no point now in buying a white bag this year. So I have been thinking about a bag for all seasons that would be great on a summers day, if we ever get one. It still needs to be a tote and I am thinking about the Bella and the Effie in oak. I presume the Bella will be the same leather as my Bays and will not like the rain too much. How about the spongy pebbled of the Effie? Is that as high maintenance or does the rain just run off it?

The other thing is I really love the look of the bark brown velvet suede Effie on coming soon, it's a real competition between that and the BF Bays for winter. They would be my 2 ideal winter bags. Well a girl can dream.

So the question really is how does spongy pebbled leather hold up in oak?


Jul 17, 2012
hi, new here...I think the Mulberry bags are so neat. I'm starting to buy better bags now, but the one thing is that for me personally, I need to LIKE my bag. Something might appear to be more needed or practical, but I do want to get a few bags that I adore, even if they are not the "right" color or size. I too, debated about white for summer, but I think I will look for a light tan and white shade combo if I can find one in a style I like.