SO-ing a Bolide?

  1. Do you girls know if it takes just as long to S.O. a Bolide as it takesfor a Kelly or Birkin? I'd really love to order a toile/white combo Bolide as soon as the funds become available (MY funds,not DH's so could take a little longer:lol: ) - but if the wait will be just as long,I may go ahead now (if it comes in early, DH willhave to supplement!!!)

  2. Oh Kristie! You will LOVE the Bolide and that toile/leather combo is TDF I swear! Now....are you talking toile/white leather combo?
  3. YES!!

    I knew you would appreciate the combo;)

    Since DH has the Kelly covered,I figured a nice Bolide would be a great bag for me to purchase myself (and a little more affordable!)...and since we have a 9 month warm season here Down Under,the "summery" feel of the bag will suit me just fine!
  4. Hey new mama (again - hehe) This would be a gorgeous summer bag. I haven't gotten the chance to SO yet so I don't have a lot of info. on the timing. I do know that you'll want to place your order for July, otherwise it won't be taken to Paris until February.
  5. Well, I'd go for it for sure then. The white on white would be really beautiful but I've even seen some pretty gorgy ones with toile/Barenia or toile/rougeH leathers. Just stunning! I wish I knew how long one would take if you special ordered it.....I never special order anything because I have as much patience as a gnat!
  6. A bolide should be quick. SO's can vary from 3 months to 3 years, depending on the bag, type of leather, and who you are. But isn't that always the case with Hermes?
  7. Groovy - thanks, Girls!

    I think I'll go ahead and try to order one.....I'll let you know how I go (I've never done one before....shall I just ask my Store Manager if I can place a special order?????...I'm so pathetic,but I'm kind of worried about being told NO:smile: )
  8. S-mom...I'm the same (with the gnat comment!) .....if I though I could get the bagin that combo somewhere else faster, I certainly would!!!!!)

    Now.....the 'new' style, or the 'old' style...that is the question!
  9. it'll definitely arrive quicker than a kelly or birkin. and congrats on your new daughter. i'm glad the delivery was ok. hmmm, we seem to be having a recent influx of pregnancies on the board. lol, must be the gorgeous bags. they make us so happy anything is possible...
  10. Kristie, that Bolide is stunning, I saw it on Ebay, go to your store and ask about it 'cause with H timings you can never tell...;)
  11. Excellent!

    Duna...when did you see it on eBay? gee.....I wish I had seen it:rolleyes: (could be in my hot little hands right now!).
  12. Love bolides.
  13. ^ me too - I think they're quite elegant.

    Can anyone enlighten me on the $$$$$...??
  14. View the bolide like your wedding diamond ring if you're married. If not, look at it as food, without food, you will not survive, without bolide, you won't survive too.

  15. Kristie....they run around $4,500.00 and up depending on the leather. Box will be more expensive than say Togo for example.... Your combo might be somewhere inbetween. I think they are very sophisticated, chic bags....Oh Lordy I can see it now! A stunning toile/white leather 31cm Bolide, a Chartreuse Kelly AND a black Box Kelly! Wow!!!!

    And you deserve all THREE!!!!!!