So indecisive, please help!


What should I do?!?

  1. Sell the BV, get a neverfull

  2. Keep the BV, get a damier speedy

  3. Keep the BV, get a damier olav

  4. Keep the BV, wait for the damier neverfull

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  1. I have a BV which I bought pre-owned, and I was planning on selling it and using the funds (with my $300 store credit!) to purchase a neverfull. But now I'm reconsidering it because it's a perfectly good bag, which is worn in and has a lovely patina. Either pre-owned BV or the neverfull would serve as my everyday bag, and I'm tempted to get something shiny and new for my everyday bag.

    But now there are soooo many other bags I want! I'm wondering if I should just keep the pre-owned BV and get something else, or sell the BV to get a new everyday bag, the neverfull.

    Here are my options if I keep the BV:
    Damier speedy 25--super cute, a classic
    Damier Olav PM--also very cute, hands free
    Damier neverfull pm--haven't seen it yet, but I think I'd like it

    In addition to the BV, here are the bags I already have:
    Batignolles regular
    Mono croissant PM
    Mono pochette accessoires
    Azur pochette accessoires

    What should I add to my collection! Thanks!
  2. If you don't already own a Speedy, I suggest getting the Damier Speedy. So chic!
  3. I would get a damier speedy. It's gorgeous.
  4. Definitely keep it and get the Damier Speedy! Its my favorite bag!
  5. I would get an Olav PM. Why? Because I'm a guy and i think it's the best choice haha The damier speedy is more popular with women but I really like the Olav.
  6. another vote for speedy 25!
  7. Keep the BV and get the damier speedy! Then you can use your Azur pochette accessoires with it and they'll match perfectly!
  8. I voted for getting a Speedy since you don't seem to have one in your collection yet!
  9. Damier speedy in 30.. ok know not on the list, but find 25 too small and most of your choices are larger type bags.
  10. Damier it!
  11. I'd keep the BV, it's definitely one of my favourite shoulder bags. And hey, if you decide on getting the damier neverfull, which is a good choice because then you'd have a mono and a damier shoulder bag, you have some time to recover and save up some funds !
  12. I choose the speedy.. you can never go wrong with that classic!
  13. I'd keep the BV and get a Damier Speedy .... :tup:
  14. Keep the BV & get the Speedy!
  15. Owner of an olav, it doesnt hold much! it works for me i dont carry alot. so the olav should be a no for u