So in the boutique the other day...

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  1. So I was at LV the other day and I was in the mood for purchasing, so I decided I might buy myself a new piece of luggage, untill...I walked to the luggage section, picking up a few of the pieces to make my decision, and an SA who I had never seen before hurried over to me and said 'sir' in a tone that meant stop handling the merchandise, and im positive thats what she meant, and so I put it down, turned toward her and she asked if i needed any help and i said 'I'm just looking for a new piece of luggage', and questioned about the trolley bosphore, asking if they had one I could look at, and she gave me a stern look and said, 'I think there may be one in the basement, but are you going to buy it?' and I said 'I dont know yet', and so she just stood there. Like it was too troublesome for her to go get one to show me, I felt so snubbed as if i wasnt good enough to be there, even though I'm well known amongst the staff and I shop there all the time. Engoulphed with rage I did not purchase anything.

    Was I wrong in feeling p.o?
  2. She was being very unreasonable by the sounds of it. You weren't wrong. :smile:
  3. What a *****! You should tell her to drop the attitude - she only works in a shop! The way some of these attendants carry on from the stories on here, you'd think Louis Vuitton was their grandfather or something!!! :cursing:
  4. you should have told her how unbecoming her attitude is. if it had been me, i would have been calling the manager right there and there to complain about her. we are paying quite a price for our LV purchases that we deserve to be treated with no less than utter respect...
  5. no you were WELL justified!! ughhh the nerve!

    Should have said, if you dont mind id like another who appreciates my business!!

  6. Wow that is shocking! I have never had someone that rude to me! My main boutique I go to they are always nice, only once when I went to one in Saks were they crabbyish but still not like that.
  7. Complain! Let the manager know. They really need to drop these attitudes, I am in disbelief with what goes on sometimes!
  8. FrankieP, you crack me up! :yahoo:I totally agree with you! I went to the store in Hawaii yesterday and they were very nice, but I didn't think they liked me helping myself to the merchandise! Oh well, I guess someone should have helped me then hehe! Next time, you have to keep pawing the merchandise and ask a lot of dumb questions. Kill them with kindness! :devil:
  9. Do they make commission? I would have asked to see another SA or the Manager and let THEM have your commission if you decided to buy it. Geez ... she really was a beeotch!
  10. no commission just sales targets.
    i would have asked to see another SA, there is no reason to treat someone like that. you pay her wages!
  11. yet another story of poor customer service at's getting (sadly) all too familiar.....
  12. Well I normally don't touch anything unless I ask first or my SA is around, but I think that what you did is fine. As long as the customer wasn't handling the item in an abusive way (eg. keep on opening/closing the zippers, koala clasps, banging things, rolling things on the floor...etc), then the SA shouldn't be *THAT* mad. She should've been more patient and showed you more items around that
    may have interested you.:yes:

    Aside: I've seen some people self-serve themselves, go behind the counters, pull open drawers and rummage through all the neatly placed items with no shame... I dunno about others, but stuff like this bother me. Or another case when these two mother and daugther went behind to the shoe section, pulled out a whole bunch of shoes and tried them on just like that... They should've waited for an SA to give them the LV socks...
  13. It was rude and wrong and not a nice way for anybody to treat someone who could potentially be their number one customer. I would have asked to speak with the manager and then politely explained what happened and then he/she would have shown you the luggage and then after you left, the SA woud have been reprimanded by the manager. That way, you don't look like you're overreacting and being dramatic and it is handled by the appropriate person.
  14. I AGREE!! Too many stories that sound the same. :tdown: