so in love

  1. i went to the chanel boutique today to pick up my earrings that had been repaired and drop off my new to me lambskin flap to be spruced up (which by the way i was told should not be totally refurbished as that takes away the softness of the leather- in case anyone needed to know).

    i showed my mom the blue perforated flap i am dying for (and have ripped out a pic of from a catalog which i haven't done since i was like 14). she fell in love with it too, as well as the same bag in white.

    now i need to convince her somehow to buy them. ah.... what do i say? how do i beg? lol.

    does anyone have one of these yet? they are sooooo gorgeous.
  2. hahaa you're so cute hlfinn!

    oh yea, I don't think Chanel does a good job at redying lambskin because it comes back feeling like paper after it's been redyed by Chanel. does an EXCELLENT job though!

    I think if your mom likes the bag as well.. you can be like "oh we can both use it!! it's like getting two bags for the price of one". haha!
  3. oh i tried that. i offered to work for her too which i so do not want to do.

    im just worried about her and white bags. she's pretty hard on them.
  4. Well tell her that white is good with anything and its the color of the spring season :smile:
    Plus no more "no white after labor day rule" anymore.
  5. lol. her bag needs some refurbishing too so i'm working the "you should really send that in but get another bag so you have one while it's being fixed" angle. she doesn't want to part with her baby (jumbo caviar black flap)