SO in LOVE with the PINK B BAG !!!

  1. For you Fendi lovers this is probably old news but...
    I just saw the pink B bag for the first time :drool:

    Looking at this picture actually makes my heart race!
    It's the same feeling I got when I was 13 and I would see New Kids On The Block on TV :graucho:

    I have always LOVED the Bbag and in PINK - hummana hummana hummana

    Ok - that's all - just can't stop drooling!!!

    :heart: :heart: :heart:
  2. Cute & feminine bag Nyria, I wish I could pull it off, but I will leave that to you Pink Ladies....:crybaby:
  3. I like pink but I would get so fed up with that bag, not for me I'm afraid!
  4. I love pink bags! This is so me!
  5. oh my goodness, yes! I love this bag, too bad it's way too expensive! I love the bag so much, I think it's the most fabulous bag Fendi has ever made!

  6. Ya - I think I'll have to wait about 10 years and then buy a used on on eBay ;)

    Even the sale on Netaporter isn't going to help me =)

    Good thing they didn't have the pink when I was in the Fendi shops in Vegas in Dec. I would have sold my plane ticket home LOL (no...really)
  7. gorgeous i wish money grew on trees !
  8. I want that bag BAD! NAP is sold out. Anyone see it anywhere else? PM me as I dont check these threads often. Thanks!
  9. On eBay the other day there was a fuschia patent B Bag
  10. What? Fuscia? I didn't know they made that - there used to eb one on eBay that was red but the pic looked bright pink = YUMMY!!!
  11. I have been crushing on the bag forever. I love it. I wanted black until I saw the pink:love: they even had matching pink b mules.
  12. Oh maybe that was it as it was called tomato but looked fuchsia:tup:
  13. Anyone at all. If you see this please let me know. I am desperate for it. Someone pmed me that Barneys had it but its gone now. I could cry!