So in love with CB pap! Amazing capacity~PICS~

  1. So, the pink/pink CB papillion was on my want list forever! I finally got one late November, but hadn't used yet until this week.

    I :heart: ,:heart:, :heart: it!!!:yahoo:

    I am usually a big bag gal, so sometimes when I get a smaller bag because I like the style, I am dissappointed, because I find I just don't use it. I am amazed how much fits in this baby!

    Now, I am hooked! I want a brown/pink pap, too and some accessories for them! Wahoo!

    Inside I have got pom agenda, azur mini pochette (as make up case), cc holder, checkbook, camera, ipod, sidekick, phone, cles, sunglasses and an envelope with all my holiday giftcards!!!



  2. Wow!! You really got that thing FILLED! ;) Love to see what everyone carry's in thier bags! I :heart: the brown/pink items....couldn't ever get the pink/pink, with 4 girls they're bound to think it's their "play" purse! :yes:

    It's so nice to get something that's been on your wishlist and you're actually THRILLED with it! Congrats!
  3. wowowowowo.....its look so good

    how can you fix everything in there....amazing!
  4. Great bag.
  5. wow! That's amazing how much stuff you have in there! Thanks for sharing cuz I never would've guessed!

    Does it get heavy with all the things in there?
  6. :drool: oh!! twinkle.tink

    I try to find one now.. CB papillion...

    wow wow..
  7. Wow! That's amazing!!! That's for posting twinkle! ;)
  8. how do u fit everything in there?? i have a brown/pink CB pap..but im not sure i can fit so much in there!!!

    great organizational skills! :wlae:
  9. Thanks for the pics, Mary! CB has been on my want list since I started collecting. I really want a Papillon now! : )
  10. :supacool: Mary! It really holds a lot and I'm glad you are so happy with it!
  11. Cute bag - and boy, I thought I stuffed my bags full.
    How heavy is it? Does it fit over your shoulder? I've never tried on the pap.
  12. Cute! Good job fitting all that in there its so beautiful I love CB pap ...I wish they had a made a CB speedy tho...and a cerises pap! Love yours, pink on pink is my favorite :smile:
  13. WOw I'm amazed how much it fits, looks awesome tink and congrats for finding something you've been hunting for :biggrin:
  14. Not too bad, I usually carry much heavier bags, so it's all relative.
  15. I too am surprised with how much can fit! It's a beautiful bag!!!