So in love...My first LP a Piper Speedy!

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  1. Hi there LP ladies!!! I have been lurking around this wonderful new LP sub-forum oogling all these beauitful LP's! In the midst of my discovery I came across an awesome LP I was able to snag from a wonderful fellow pf'er! So I wanted to say Hello and share some pictures of this gorgeous beauty! It's a Piper Speedy in Taupe :heart:! It is an amazing bag and I am truly in :love:, but I must say the only downside I have to find so far is it is a bit heavier than I had hoped...



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  2. CONGRATS scoobiesmomma!!!! :yahoo: :yahoo: She's a beauty!! I don't have any Pipers (unfortunately) so I'm not sure about the weight but it might help to remove the shoulder strap...
  3. looks great!
  4. YAY! I am so glad you love it!
    I am soooo in love with mine in black!!!

    Nice pix, too!
  5. OMG! Hello,gorgeousness! Congrats! :tup:
  6. It is so gorgeous, congrats!!
  7. :ty:Took her out for her first real spin today...I must say it's a comfy bag to carry on the shoulder which is always a big plus in my book and the weight doesn't seem to be as big a factor as I thought it might be!
  8. It's funny; I actually consider my Piper Speedy to be pretty lightweight.:thinking:

    Anyway, I am so glad you love it. You are making me want to get mine back out and use it!!!!
  9. I don't have this bag but I love:heart: it!
  10. gorgeous bag! Congrats on your first LP!!!
  11. Wow, I jsut got my Piper and let me tell you...AMAZING BAG!!! SO soft, so easy to get into and talk about an attemtion graber! I got min in black on sale at Nordstrom for only $220!!!
  12. So gorgeous! I've been trying to find it in black. I love LP, I currently have the dylan shoulder in midnight :smile:

  13. Is it the Piper Speedy???
    I have the Piper Speedy in black and it is for sure my all-time favorite bag... (but then again, I am now waiting for my MbMJ Elderberry Faridah to arrive! Sorry LP; Yup, I am cheating!)
    I love the black leather on the Piper bags; it is amazinglt soft and buttery!!!!
  14. Funny, I own this same bag now! I mean the SAME one that scoobiesmomma posted pictures of at the top of the thread! :P I bought it off a girl on eBay that I noticed bought it off scoobiesmomma a while back. At first, I thought it was kinda gross that I was the fourth person to own it, but was pleasantly surprised when it showed up in very nice, clean condition. It's still in great shape! My first LP -- I've wanted a Piper Speedy for a long time and now it's mine! Thinking about getting the TLC spray from Wilson's to treat it (which I read in length about on another thread about caring for your LP's). You guys are a wealth of knowledge! Thanks!
  15. That was interesting!! Congrats for your new bag.