So impressed with Oh Deer!!!

  1. Just got a pair of Oh Deer satin slingbacks with a silver python print heel, I am sooo impressed ladies! They are very well made, and came the next day from Zappos and the red sole is covered with clear plastic which means the sole is protected. Now, why can't CL do that LOL! I normally don't order from Zappos (well, once in a blue moon, as the prices are too high) but I tried this pair at a store and they didn't have my size and were more expensive. So I decided to take the plunge. I cringe at CL prices, sorry, no offense to anybody here, just being honest. Well, Oh Deers exceeded my expectations! I will post pics later:yahoo:
  2. Forgot to mention: this style has considerable toe cleavage just like CL...
  3. I worked for Zappos for a few months back in 2000. They were run really crappily back then. I admit that the prices aren't really good deals as I've seen stuff on eBay or Bluefly for way less than Zappos.

    I'm not sure how I feel about the plastic covering on a red sole. I kind of like it when they get chewed up as it shows that I've owned them longer than five minutes. Plus the red sole stayed perfect on the heel, which is what people see. :smile:
  4. Well, I am sure these shoes would be less on ebay, but I don't buy from ebay and with Zappos I can return them or adjust the price for a full year, that's a loooong time :tup: I feel good about the plastic covering though esp. since a lot of people here go to considerable trouble and expense to preserve them, and I don't have to move a finger ;)
  5. I love my Oh Deers too! :love:

    I think CLs are delicious, but I think of them the way I think of the artwork in museums: beautiful to look at but I will never own it. CLs are just too expensive for me. I love looking at them, but I could never bring myself spend that much on shoes. Oh Deers are a reasonable alternative IMO.
  6. claireZk, which style do you have?
  7. I am not certain I look at CLs as work of art anymore, I probably used to b/c of the price but def. not after I got the Oh Deers. I am not seeing $500-600 difference in look, will see how they wear, of course.
  8. I have several Oh Deer shoes. I have the ones you got, guccidiva. They are called Kate, I believe. I use the Oh Deer shoes for when I go out to clubs in NYC. Trust me, you don't want to wear really expensive shoes in a club. Plus I always get compliments on them. There are also several other sites besides zappos that sells them cheaper like and
  9. Do they wear well? I've only walked on the carpet in them so far, very comfy but you never know. I did order 1/2 size up from what I normally wear.
  10. It depends on the shoe with the size. I have closed toe and went up a half size. Open toe, I stayed tts. The plastic on the bottom helps maintain the red sole. I have worn several pairs constantly and the plastic is still on the bottom.
  11. :woohoo: So glad to hear that the plastic works! :woohoo: I tried my size at the store and the right foot fit was fine but the left was a little tight. So I went with 1/2 size bigger. Now the left foot is perfect and the right is a hair loose but nothing that can't be adjusted ;) THe straps have adjustable holes.
  12. I have the Marilyn pumps in black leather. I wear anywhere between a 7 and 8 depending on the style of shoe and I went with the 8 in these. They slip off my heel a little when I walk, but they're very comfy otherwise.

    I'll probably catch hell for saying this, but from what I hear, the red soles on Oh Deers wear better than CLs. I dunno though, just a rumor I heard ;)

    Although I wouldn't buy CLs, there was a pair at Nordstrom that made my heart skip a beat. They were the most beautiful shoes I've ever seen. And I'm not a shoe person. At all. That's why I said they're like a work of art :shame:
  13. Oh, I know what you mean. I saw a pair of shoes, boots actually that made me completely stop in my tracks. At Nordies too, quite a few seasons ago. Pink suede stiletto Casadei boots with rhinestones. I was head over heels. Totally impractical and I didn't buy them but oh... they were so hottt! Never seen a CL pair that made me stop in my tracks, but never say never :graucho:
  14. those are hot shoes!!! i am planning to buy couple pairs :biggrin:
  15. Yep, they are :heart: