So I'm walking down the street . . .

  1. I'm on my way to the subway station because I have a doctor's appointment.

    It's snowing pretty heavily today.

    I'm almost there when I see a guy with a camera and a woman with a microphone. She started asking me questions about the weather and the snow.

    I'm not sure what's going to happen with it or even what channel it's on, but the experience was pretty cool.

    (But if I do get to be on TV, Speedy will be right there with me.)
  2. was it for citytv?
    i have CP24 on 24/7 so maybe i'll see you!
  3. I don't know. I didn't see the channel logo on her microphone.

    The woman interviewing me was a pretty, brunette woman.
  4. Oh Torontonians!
    The snow was horrid today, I had to skip going to class downtown even though I really wanted to go because it's the last class before midterms :sad:

    That's neat if you'll be on tv though!
  5. ^I don't live in TO (or even in Canada for that matter), but I skipped class because of the snow/ice too! Yayyyyy! I love snow days! :yahoo: :love:
  6. I'm jealous I live in a climate where there are NO snow days, once just once I would love to be in real snow - not just tourist snow.
  7. I miss snow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. I wish it were snowing here!
  9. ME TOO! here, it has snowed only maybe once or twice. :hysteric:
  10. I was interviewed by a news reporter once while shopping in San Francisco. It was the day after Thanksgiving, so I guess it was news worthy.
    I never saw myself on TV, but lots of people from my dorm
    (UCSB~Go Gauchos) came up to me after our Thanksgiving break and said they saw me on the 11:00 news! :shame:
  11. caitlin I hope you make it on TV! And I have to say, I love snow when I'm going snowboarding, but I'm happy it doesn't snow where I live :sweatdrop:
  12. Huh? I was in Canada today? When? I was alseep most the day! MAN, that was SOME dream!! :wtf:
  13. ^ Perhaps her Speedy bag...? I dunno! Hope you get on TV Caitlin. Couple summers ago I got to be on the news when it was featuring a water park here. I started off the show with "Welcome to xxx!" with a friend. Thank god I was wearing my new cute bikini!
  14. Sorry, I meant my Speedy bag. (I name my bags.)
  15. Im jealous too i live in TX and i rarely snows here its cold today but no snow, Darn it!!!!! Normally in Jan or Feb. we get snow days and we get to stay in. But I hope you see yourself on tv tonight, COOL!!