So i'm using a dead guy's phone number apparently.

  1. I recently got a new phone with a new number, all goes well but I do frequently get alot of people calling for some guy. Usually i'll just say they've got the wrong number, or their friend changed their number, no big deal. Until today, I get 2 calls (both times I missed answering) from some guy telling me he knows he has the wrong number but the guy who had the number before me died in Iraq and he was wondering if I could help him contact the family anyway. :confused1: He then told me to call him back if I could...but honestly it creeps me out too much. Do you think it's weird for someone to even do that? Part of me thinks he's desperate, other part thinks its a joke. Should I call this guy back? What bothers me even more though, is that the wrong phone calls before this were just people calling up the he must have died recently?

    Yes, I know, this thread is kind of bizarre.
  2. yeah a little weird...I will not call him back...he could be playing careful...
  3. eesh

    i'd ask for a new number. lol.
  4. I think you should ask for a new number.. :/
  5. try ignoring at first... and then if he keeps calling, change ur number...

    it seems fishy to me ....
  6. Eww...I would be totally creeped out!!
  7. I think he's just desperate but I'd call him back stating you have no idea how to get in touch with the guys family then change your #.
  8. I'd definitely ask for a new number! That's very creepy.
  9. sounds eerie.... I would be lost if I'm stuck in such a situation.
  10. I'd try to contact your phone service and let them handle it! :yes:

    They surely can help this guy out if he's for real and if he's not you're on the safe side
  11. After my Dad died (unexpectantly) I called his cell phone 5 times a day just to hear his voice on the message. We left his phone on for a month becuase random people in the family would call for the same reason. ( know....leads to drunk dialing and on good days too...just to hear him! We finally turned it off and I know the guy that got Dads phone number got alot of calls from people that did not know he had passed. I finally called him and apologized as Im sure it got annoying. He was so gracious and grateful that I had called and explained the situation. I hope the inconvenience does not last long for you. I know it can be a pain in the ass to have your phone ring alot and its not for you! :yes:
  12. Wow, you would think they would wait atleast a bit to reassign the number.
  13. i would never use a number that was issued for someone else before me. You will always get wrong number calls and it will be annoying!!!

    Get a new number if you can :smile:
  14. Ditto, stay away from this person!
  15. get a new number... or tell the guy if he calls again you haev no idea how to get in touch with the famly