So I'm trying to write my graduate school letter of intent

  1. And I'm wondering if I should be capitalizing Criminal Justice or not. HA. I assume that when I refer to the criminal justice department it should be capitalized, right?
    Man. I'm thinking that maybe I should rethink this if I can't even get this right. :push:
  2. I would capitalize "criminal justice" if you're referring to the department, but not in general.

  3. Ditto! Im a CJ major too!

    What do you plan on doing w/ your degree?
  4. Well, my undergrad is in Anthropology, which is basically useless, so I started working for Wellpoint. I really enjoy it and would like to get into Medicare Fraud Investigation someday. I spent two years in claims processing and am moving on to auditing, so with a masters I might actually have a chance!