So I'm trying to pick out a pink bag...

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Which would you pick?

  1. Pink Patent Tribeca Shoulder Bag

  2. Med Magenta Sabrina

Multiple votes are allowed.
Results are only viewable after voting.
  1. ...and I can't decide between these two:

    Pink Patent Tribeca Shoulder Bag, 14118
    Magenta med Sabrina, 12937

    I bought the Tribeca first, but I never thought I'd find a Magenta Sabrina at the outlet for a whopping $200!

    I've always LOVED the Sabrina and have owned three (now I only own one). But I also fell in love with the pink Tribeca the first time I saw it.

    I like that the Tribeca has silver hardware, especially for Spring and Summer. But the Sabrina just has this wonderful smooshy leather that I love, too.

    What do you ladies think?

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  2. the tribeca is way more comfortable on the shoulder...
  3. I vote the Sabrina, she's just my fav!
  4. I say keep them both. I love the sabrina, though I don't own any. I have two tribeca's and love them as well. Very comfy as a shoulder bag. If you mainly carry your bags on your shoulder I'd say Tribeca. If you mainly carry in hand or in crook of your arm I'd say Sabrina. I didn't vote since I can't decide between the two. HTH!!!
  5. I vote for the Tribeca. :biggrin: I just love the colour.
  6. Sabrina!!!
  7. Sabrina all the way!!! I own 4 large Sabrina's and they are my favorite Coach bag/bags EVER!!!
  8. The Tribecca IMO is too kapow pink. And I think you will like the quality of the Sabrina better
  9. Sabrina. I personally think it's alot more classic, but also I've read way too many threads on here where people have had the patent on their Tribeccas cracking & peeling. Good luck with your decision!
  10. I love the leather that Sabrina came with...
  11. sabrina,,,,,, for sure
  12. I would definitely go with the Sabrina!
  13. I'd say don't go with the Sabrina. They used to be nice but now they're just played out a little.
  14. sabrina ALL THE WAYY!!!
    i had 4 at one point and now i have 2 and they're my fav!!!

    i had that EXACT tribeca- tho it's super comfy on the shoulder- the patent leather started cracking and ripping at the straps!
  15. sabrina...
    i also like the new tribeca PEONY