So im thinking of getting a swingpack...

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  1. any recommendations?
  2. I want one too. I am looking at the black signature "C" swingpack cuz it's versatile and I'd want to carry it around in more casual surroundings when I don't want to lug a purse around (like at Disneyland or doing community service). They're pretty reasonably priced.. i think $118.
    If you want a fancier one, I think there is one in gold.
  3. yess...
  4. yep. i rarely use my swingpack at school because i have so much stuff to carry but on days when i only want to bring my cell phone, lipstick or my ipod i use it.. my coach sunglasses cant even fit in it but i would go for it.. great for casual use.
  5. i guess im the ditzy around here ! lol !!

    whats a swing pack ?

    Thanks in advance,
    cha cha
  6. i like the black signature, personally. i have just about zero tolerance for the weight of leather (though it's gorgeous). and because they're not all that big, it keeps you from carrying around unncessary stuff!

    i actually meant to buy a swingpack for my trip...would have been helpful!
  7. on the coach homepage, it shows a whole bunch of them.

    it's basically just a small cross body bag.
  8. There are a ton of cute ones on the homepage. I used my a-lot on my cruise and i love it.
  9. There not really my style. But my mom says I should get some when I go to disneyland, instead of taking my nice bags.
  10. ^Same here....I'm going in July. I don't really like the style of the bag, but it would be safer & easier to carry around in a theme park w/ lots of people on your a*s. Did they make the swingpack in the pastel scribble?
  11. My swing pack is my "vacation" purse. It works PERFECTLY at you can even shorten the strap and be a total dork and wear it around your waist.

    I also love the swing pack for shopping...I like the long strap for hands-free shopping.

    I did have a pair of jeans "rub off" on my signature one...but I LOVE it regardless...I have the graphic signature in khakie/gold. My mom like it so much, I talked her into letting me buy HER a swing pack for christmas! (got her a mini-sig one from the outlet)
  12. I have no use for the swing pack, it holds maybe a little more then a bigger wristlet, and because of its dimensions i'd find it hard to find. I'd go with a duffle and use that as a cross body.
  13. can the duffle go cross body?

    cause i was looking at some and there was NO way it would...even if i was 1/2 my size.
  14. Yes, but only if you adjust the straps, its doubled, if I had enough time yesterday I was going to pick one up. I was playing with the denim duffle and the holiday one, but the lines were too long, so I guess I'll have to do florida without it. I did recieve the flip flop fob though, and now I just realized I don't have any type of sandals.
  15. yeah.

    i was going to buy a swingpack, but since i didn't think it would go crossbody, i ended up finding the perfect bag at macy's (marked down to $25! yeah!)...and i honestly like my cheap bag more than almost anything else!