so Im selling my old papillon to get a new bag and!

  1. How long does it take for people to actually put some serious bids on it? it's only at 26.01 :crybaby: :crybaby:
  2. I'm not sure but good luck!
  3. id say when theres 2 days left about
  4.'ll see more action towards the end of the auction.
  5. They usually bid the last 5 minutes. Good luck!
  6. good luck! do you know what bag you want to get?
  7. The last couple a days are really when the bidding gets going! Haven't seen you on the forums lately, glad to see you around! :smile:
  8. I always but at the that's usually when you'll see people come out. Do you have a lot of watchers?
  9. good luck and by the way what are u getting next?? :smile:
  10. Within the last 2 days, mostly towards the end of the auction, however, if you're worried, you should put a reserve amount
  11. I always bid as close to the end of an auction as possible. Give it time. It'll go up!
  12. good luck!
  13. Sometimes in my auctions, people don't bid until the last 5 or 1 minute. I had someone bid at the absolute last second. It's crazy.... I wish that they would bid earlier. I usually set my auctions at 7 days and tick tock..... I'll have lots of watchers and lots of viewers on the counter, but no one bids until very late in the game.

    I'm not brave enough to have 99 cent auctions!!

    Good luck on your auction. I'm sure that you'll see more auction as it is closer to ending.
  14. they bid like crazy at the end!!
  15. I'm in the group that always bids at the end. Do you have a reserve on it ? I don't have the nerve:sweatdrop: to list at .99, I usually use BIN or BIN with best offer on my LV stuff. I start out my pins and clothing at .99. What bag are you going to get ?