So I'm saving for an MC Speedy but...

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  1. Do you think it will be really dated by the time I get it? I have been saving for the black one and I hope to be able to get it at the end of September, latest October. I love the bag, and when I have seen pictures of you girls with yours it reaffirms how i feel but I have got a nagging feeling that it will be so old and dated when I finally get it. I'm also worried I might not get much use out of it.

    What do you all think? Is there another bag you would recommend instead? :confused1:
  2. Nah... no LV bag will ever become out dated! If so, who cares? Just as long as YOU like it, that's all that matters!
  3. I love MC Speedy and don't worry about out of date ;) The permanent line released on 2003 or 2004 but still stunt till now
  4. I agree, the MC speedy will not be out dated. I would base my choice on how much I still LVOE the bag. If you still really lust after it, go for it, LV is timeless. However, if you feel like you want something "newer" perhaps consider the MC Ursula, just a thought.
  5. I don't think the MC speedy will ever be outdated, the bag is gorgeous.
  6. The bag has now become a permanent fixture in the line, has it not? And the Speedy is a classic, plus the MC Speedy was specially designed for the MC line. I think that if you are still crazy about the bag, it means you are meant to have it!
  7. I love the MC bags more and more! I like the white better though. Both are classic and not dated.
  8. Never. The bag launched in 2004 and it's still TDF!
  9. definitely not dated. i love both colors! the mc speedy may be more of a classic than other mc styles imho. either way....get what you love!
  10. The most important is you :heart: the bag. :P
  11. i hope not as i just recently bought one lol. all joking aside. i hardly ever see MC speedies, so i feel like it's still a coveted piece.
  12. I love my MC speedy ! although i have to admitt that I am always very very careful when i use the bag because its white. I did think about getting a black one but something about the white speedy that just makes me want to own it :nuts:
  13. Thanks everyone for replying. I appreciate it xx :flowers: