So I'm really surprised this problem with Bluefly.....

  1. has never been brought up. I just purchased and received the black Raspail MEDIUM tote which they list the retail price at $1295.00. Their price was $1036.00. I didn't realize until I was in Nordstrom that there are actually two sizes. The large which is $1295 and the medium which is $1195. I also checked the YSL website to confirm. I didn't think much about it at first but then I realized that their discount was not 20%, as stated, because they have the retail of the bag listed for the large not the medium. Me, being the bargain shopper that I am, decided to email them and I get this dumb letter about how they don't price match and blah, blah, blah!! What do you guys think about this? It seems very misleading when all of the YSL are stated as being 20% off the retail. Am I off on this because my next step is to call them!!
  2. Speak to customer service. This has been discussed, but maybe not in the YSL section. It was an issue with their Balenciagas when they first started selling them--I think it may still be an issue in some cases. I noticed an anthracite (may have a different Balenciaga name) bag there last week that didn't seem to be at the right list price. If you reach someone who wants to be helpful, they will investigate it for you and give you a credit.
  3. Bluefly seems to inflate the original prices of a lot of their items to make the discount appear greater than it actually is
  4. I went back and forth with them on a bag which had an inflated price and their answer was "We are sorry, we don;t price match". "Our bags come from different sources, so their prices are different" etc etc. Now I check the actual price with the boutique so I know for sure I am getting a good deal.
  5. Yes, you have to be careful with these sites that sell designer items at a 'discount'. Overstock also inflates their prices.
  6. I've noticed with bluefly that they don't have their retail prices right some of the time... I know this happened on the balenciaga forum, as well.
  7. I called them and talked to a very nice and helpful cs rep. I got an email from them yesterday and they are giving me back the difference. She said they would be changing the price on the site but have yet to do it. I'm just happy to be getting a refund....yeah!! Normally, I do know the actual retail prices but this bag just came out and I didn't realize there were two sizes until I went to Nordstrom. Oh, and by the way, I do love this bag!!
  8. Just thought I'd let everyone know that BF did stand behind there word as far as my credit was concerned. However, they have yet to change the price on their website!
  9. Thanks for the update!

    It's good to know they worked with you on giving you credit for the difference in price.

    So how do you like your black Raspail tote?
  10. Weird...I posted this last night and it never showed up!! Anyway, I love my tote!!
    I am pretty much using it everyday. It's simple, yet stylish!