So I'm planning to get a Chanel wallet

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  1. So, I'm planning to get a Chanel long wallet. I am wondering if there's any way to buy it in USA and have it shipped to me in Singapore? Anyone knows? And if there any place where I can view the price list? Thanks :heart:!
  2. Yes, you can purchase thru NM or Bloomingdales or even CHanel boutiq. Or you can also purchase through Chanel Paris and have them sent it to you.
  3. oh... they can charge send to me? :biggrin:

    where to see price list?
  4. Probably the best way would be to get the e-mail address of a Chanel boutique, NM or Bloomies SA and they could e-mail you the prices. Stores are just opening here, but I will see if I can get some SA e-mails for you.

  5. Oh Mary, thank you so much! :heart: :heart:
  6. Oh my goodness, you should try to get the wallet from Neimans because they are having a 2 BUY 2 sale right now. If you buy 2 handbags then you will get $400 off your total purchase. So if you work out your math correctly, you can end up getting 1 wallet for free.

    Now I know NOT ALL Neimans will allow the wallets to be included in the sale becuase my Neimans didn't allow it....but there are other girls on the forum that were able to get the wallets. I think they purchased it through Lisa Hamlin in Troy, Michigan. I would call her up or email her and see what she has available. BTW, today is the last day of this sale. Good Luck!