So I'm on a rather long Coach BAN..... but I think it's worth it

  1. I think I mentioned awhile back to a few of you how this October I am going to Portugal w/my Fiance and his parents to visit relatives.
    His parents are paying for the whole trip, which is more than nice.

    But his mom was telling us that we should explore a little Europe while we're there......

    Sooooooooooooo we're doing the whole Spain/Portugal thing w/his family but my fiance and I are going to PARIS!!!!!!

    His parents offered to pay for our plane tickets from Lisbon to Paris, but I found the BEST Hotel.... (we only like hiltons lol) right next to the Eiffel Tower.... which is a pretty penny for 4 nights.....

    so Today starts the savings, because this will probably be the ONLY time we ever go there and I'm going to make sure I do this right....

    Sadly, there will be NO COACH in my future until after October :sad: :sad::sad::sad:
    But I will still have fun drooling over all of the beautiful things here (man this better be worth it!!!) :wlae:
  2. oh wow that is so incredible!!! :nuts: That will be WELL worth it.. even though I love Coach, they are just purses and they will always be there. Good Luck, you can do it!! :tup:
  3. ANDDDDD the Hilton we're stayin at (this isn't coach related but its cool) has a Hermes on site!!!!
  4. Wow! That is an amazing opportunity and well worth the sacrifice! I went to Paris this summer as part of a trip to visit family and it was simply amazing. And keep checking for hotels...we found a great rate on one of the search sites for about $120/night and it was on the Champs when the Tour de France finished! Trust me...these bargains can be found!

    I hope you'll take lots of pictures and enjoy this incredible opportunity!
  5. How awesome is that! It will be WELL worth it! Like fields said, purses are ALWAYS there to buy...a chance to go to Paris doesn't come along very often!!! :yes:
  6. I hear ya. We are taking a 14 day vacation (cruise) to Scotland, Irleand, PARIS, Amsterdam, etc... in late May with our girls. We are staying a couple extra days after we are off the ship. Thankfully, DH travels a ton so we are flying to/from Amsterdam from Montana free with SkyMiles and staying in Hiltons free with Hilton Honor's points. Still, the cruise is expensive and we want to shop in ports. I'm already thinking of buying the girls and I LV's while in Paris (something small). I need to stop my Coach shopping too but it's hard.
  7. When I was in Paris I didn't stay in a real touristy area, but it was a GREAT location since the entrance to the Metro was in front of the hotel. I stayed for two weeks and it was great! Hope you have fun!
  8. Wow that will be an awesome trip! Well worth a Coach ban. I will not fly (dont ask - I'm just petrified - tried it several times, HATED HATED HATED it, I'm done!) but that type of trip is a dream come true for most people.
  9. you lucky girl!!!! It'll be way worth it!!:yes:
  10. Of course it is worth it. The experiences I've had in Europe far outweigh any Coach bag I have. Make sure to get something from Hermes while you're in the flagship city - even if it's just a twilly or something! They also make beautiful enamel bracelets and scarves :smile:
  11. How exciting!!!! And totally worth a ban! We want to see a pic of you and your fiance in front of the ETower!! Are you thinking of tying the knot while you're there?!?!
  12. It is so worth being on a ban!!!!
  13. Ahhh! I didn't even think of that, how romantic. We dont want a big wedding anyways so that would be perfect!!!!
  14. AWWW!!!! That is so awesome! I know you will have a blast!
  15. :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
    We'll all be your honorary bridesmaids!!!