So I'm off to Thanksgiving in Hawaii....

  1. I don't have much LV in mind right now, just a white suhali cles......but maybe something will strike me when I get there:shrugs:
  2. awww hawaii! how awesome! have a safe trip and fun times shopping!
  3. have fun! cant wait to see what uget when u come back!
  4. hawaii huh!! take me?!! its soo cold in NY at the moment, well have a safe flight! and do indeed take a look in the LV store and choose something!! have fun!
  5. I'm so jealous you're going to Hawaii!!!! Have a great vacation and happy Thanksgiving. Can't wait to see what you end up getting-Make sure you post pics! :smile:
  6. Have fun! Get some sun :smile:
  7. Bon Voyage:drinkup:
  8. Have fun..miss Hawaii :crybaby:

    Which island are you going to?
  9. Have a great time and show us what you do get when you return! Happy Thanksgiving!
  10. Aww.. exciting ! Hope you bring back something well, maybe a little bigger than a cles as well. :graucho:
  11. Like to go to Oahu but may visit some friends on the Big Island as well.

    Thanks everyone, it's a mystery what I'll come back with.....
  12. Have fun!!!
  13. Have a wonderful time. Aloha!!!:jammin:
  14. Have fun there! I had a blast when I went there last August!
  15. you must buy something here since it's cheaper! haha anyway, have fun when you are here!