so im off to san jose the 25th and

  1. Imma try to make a trip to the lv store in santa clara! Im not sure if my husband will let me buy anything, but I at least want to see a real lv boutique!! It sucks living in Utah and having to order my bags online :sad:
  2. It's a great boutique!

    And across the street is Santana Row with other nice shops! (Gucci and Burberry)
  3. thanks! I'm really excited. I tried to plan this trip at the end of last month but I couldnt get time off and I didnt really wanna drive all the way down there. Thank god I booked plan tickets lol.
  4. Theres also that Stanford Shopping Center LV thats like 15 min away. LV Valley Fair--its a trap. They placed all the pricey stores around it (ie Tiffany, Movado, Lladro) very Clever.

    Enjoy yourself!
  5. you are going to have a blast in LV boutique! Enjoy your trip, make sure to make a 'To See' list before you go......everytrip deserve some souvenir:graucho:
  6. Thats going to be exciting for you, where I live, there isn't a LV. Have fun!!
  7. I hope you have a good trip!
  8. Have fun!!! I am from Utah too!!!! I just got back from Vegas and the LV boutiques were sooo much fun. I wasthisclose to getting the blue denim gm bag, but I couldn't make up my mind with that or the pm or the neo speedy. I left empty handed.....for now.

    Happy shopping!!!
  9. oh have fun..... and good luck!!
    waiting for your new purchase
  10. Have fun, I love the Valley Fair store.
  11. Have fun!
  12. LOL! So true, except Lladro is gone now, it's Juicy Couture now!
  13. good luck! i hope you come home with a great souveneir!
  14. :yes: Valley Fair, LV store in Palo Alto, another in Neiman Marcus there and then those ones around Union Square in SF. You can actually have an LV tour.
  15. Have a good trip.