So I'm noticing something in regards to MAMs...

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  1. …mainly that there aren't many out there for Spring/Summer '14. Most of the ones I'm seeing online are past season colors. Not much new for sale…I've saw one new MAM at Nordstrom…it was half black/half white and just looks silly…could it possibly be that RM is moving away from MAMs? We lost the Nikki, new MABs are pretty much nonexistent…to lose the MAM as well would just be sad. Hopefully they are out there and I'm just not seeing them. I'm all for trying out new styles, but there's something to be said for the classics.
  2. Thanks for the link. I saw a yellow MAM with black/white piping and a purple one…and I agree - that leather doesn't look appealing. Looks like it will scratch easily and need lots of babying. Oh well. Just reinforces my love of the old school beauties. :cool:
  3. thanks
    don't see anything there I'd buy
    everything looks pretty structured.....I prefer softer leather
  4. That would be sad if true. The MAM is such a great style. Too many of the newer designs are too inspired for my taste, like I feel about MK. Hopefully she'll continue to make some Made in NYC ones with nice leather.

  5. I'm hoping the same with the NYC bags. The MAM is my fave RM style and I'd hate to see it disappear. :sad:
  6. All the new RM bags I've seen in the stores have been cheap imitations of other designer styles that are en vogue this second. They just feel...I donno...disposable? For those prices I'd rather either save up for premium designer bags or buy lesser known but better constructed brands.
  7. I wish she would make the MAM in more colors...I miss the old school RM.
  8. I feel like most of the folks on here would agree that their preference is much more geared towards quality. I wonder why that seems to continue to be disregarded by the RM team...For example, the lower price points reflect lower quality (e.g., plastic zipper without leather frame lining and signature zipper pull, shorter leather tassels, leather that feels... well plastic-like). It is disappointing to say the least.

    I am hoping the Hot Red Cupid I recently purchased as my birthday gift to myself is comparable quality to one of my older MAMs or it will be returned. Fingers crossed!
  9. I really love the MAMs and it is a pity if it would be discontinued. It is such a classic. Though I must add that I'm not sure I would buy any more brand new ones since I've had a taste of the older MAMs/MABs and the leather on those are really thicker and better than the current ones. RM got me to buying pre-loved bags, which to me was unthinkable before.

    I hope the RM Team will be able to see this thread.
  10. I do not like any of them except the new neon mini affair with black hardware. All of these designs are too modern and too structured. I really dislike this stiff saffiano leather that designers are now using.
  11. I want that Los Angeles wristlet :smile: There were a couple in there I could be persuaded on, but none that said "Go find me NOW!"
  12. Anyone know where to find the white cupid with RG hardware from the spring line?
  13. Thanks, I saw that and it was around $250 just the other day! Really ISO the rose gold, hope it shows up somewhere soon! :cool: