So...I'm not in love with my Batignolles Verticales...Advice?

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  1. I've carried it maybe a hanful of times. Do you think eBay is a safe way to go? I know this sounds paranoid, but I have this terrible fear that I'll sell the bag, ship it, and have them claim it's fake, and return a fake to me, keeping the REAL bag. Does that sound crazy? Help!
  2. can't you do a no return policy?
  3. If in any case they do send you back a fake, you can always send it back to them and tell them you won't refund them.
  4. oh nooo the BV is so pretty!! =(
  5. I can do a no-return policy, but I always think that seems shady with HE bags. I mean, I encourage the buyer to have the bag authenticated (I mean, it's REAL.) so saying no returns I'm saying "Sure, go ahead! Have it authenticated! But you can't send it back anyway." I've sold other HE bags on eBay before, I'm just...leery of selling an LV there.

  6. It does not sound paranoid at all... I have the same fear. Someone mentioned about placing a tag on it with your initials on it. Maybe you might want to try that. This way if the buyer claim it is a fake, the buyer have to return it with tha tags intact therefore the buyer won't be able to pull the switch on you. I'm just not sure what kind of tag it is, how does it look like, and where can you get. Can someone help me with this information.
  7. I have a no return policy but I make sure to have LOTS of pictures so that they're not going to say item not described.
  8. What a smart idea!! Yes, can anyone gift a good example or idea of how to do a tag like this?
  9. how about those bracelet tags they give you at the clubs? i can never take those off without ruining them!
  10. but you know what, i've seen a lot of sellers with no returns on their lv bags.
  11. just provide tons of pics. it's not unreasonable to have a non-returnable policy, since your bag is authentic after all!
  12. Thank you ladies for all the advice!
  13. All good advice...but I would put the BV away for awhile and then try again....I do that sometimes, makes me remember why I loved the bag in the first place...I really like my BV alot!
  14. I have sold a few bags on ebay and have used the tag that once cut, cannot be reattached. I have not had a problem. Also, you have the date code (and pics of it) to prove what bag is yours. Also, if you haven't already, set preferences for your buyers under: MyEbay, My Account, Preferences, Buyer Preferences. You can block buyers with poor feedback. Good luck!
  15. I haven't sold any bags on eBay yet, so I don't have any advice to offer, but just wanted to wish you GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!