So I'm Keeping Her!!!

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  1. Okay, so some of you know I was debating on whether I should return/sell my whiskey Edith. This internal deliberation lasted a whopping 24 hours until my hubby returned home from out of town. When I told him I was thinking about letting go of Edith he gave me an incredulous look and said, "Now why would you even consider that? After all you went through? Isn't this a coveted bag? God knows that's all I've heard about it from you. I like it. It is very classy." Then I told him why I was considering returning Edith and he knocked the senses into me! My reasons were:

    1) I absolutely love the look of Edith on a table or chair but not sure if I like it on. Hubby: " No matter what bag you carry your daily routine won't change. So this bag sits at your desk the majority of the time. What makes this bag any different from any other bag? All of your other bags spend the majority of their time sitting on your desk too!"
    2) Edith might look to businessy or boxy for my frame. Hubby: "Says who? You? Should you ask others how it looks on you for an objective opinion? It looks very nice on you. Regarding it looking like a business satchel, don't you need one? Are you going to use all of your bags for the same purpose? You should have variety." So true!!!

    And finally:
    Hubby: "Are you considering returning this handbag because you want to fund another purch purchase?"
    Me: "No.....:shame:"
    Hubby: "I knew it! That's silly. I bet once you get that purse your desire to return this one (Edith) will disappear. You'll probably regret returning it. What is the new purse you want? I'll buy it for you so you can forget about returning this one." :yahoo:

    So I am keeping Edith!!! Edith was so worried that I was going to return her! She was so worried that she spent all day binge eating, crying and being consoled by paddington (notice her sagging in despair. lol) . She was so happy when she found out that she's staying with me that she demanded a photo of her in her full glory (last photo)...and of course paddington demanded to be included as well!

    edy.jpg edy2.jpg edy3.jpg edy5.jpg paddy.jpg
  2. You are hysterical! :lol: Love the pics.

    Glad saner minds prevailed.:yes:

    I know you all will be very happy together!
  3. :d
  4. Now Paddy won't be lonely.
    Even with the beautiful CL shoes to keep her company, it's just not the same as having family around :smile:
  5. Awww - i'm so happy that you're keeping her. It's funny my DH was the same way - he actually talked me into keeping my Edith's - they're his favorite bag of all time!
  6. Good on you~~!!!
  7. Your pics are too funny! LOL Those shoes are perfect with your whiskey Edith ... I'm happy you're keeping her, Edith looks happy too!
  8. I love it - especially the pic with the hanky. She's beautiful.
  9. LOL. You're too funny.

    Glad Edith gets to stay where she belongs.
  10. congrats, what a happy ending :heart: (and what a wonderful DH you have!!)

    btw, loved the photos, especially the one of Paddy consoling poor Edith...:lol:
  11. What a Happy Ending to a wonderful Fairy Tale. :love:

    Aren't husbands :heart: cute sometimes? Sounds like you have a keeper Edith plus a keeper husband! :yes:
  12. :lol: This thread is too funny!:lol: I am glad Edith is staying and I love her shoes.

    My bags sit on my file cabinet all day at work. We rarely get to stroll the hallways together so they spend more time in sitting mode than wearing mode. Choco Paddy looks great - glad they have bonded like sisters. :biggrin:
  13. Too funny! Glad you decided to keep her! The shoes look great on her too.
  14. I'm glad you guys enjoy the photos. hehe. :lol: When I taking the photos my hubby looked at me like I was certifiably insane. I told him, "my PF ladies will understand!". :yes: I am very lucky that my hubby, not only understands, but supports my purse obsession. lol. In turn I am very understanding about his sailboat/sport obession.

    Roey, Paddy and Edith are best of friends! Don't tell Edith but I think I love my chocolate paddington a tiny bit more...:love:
  15. So my Edith is not the only one binge eating??? J/K!!! Your pictures are HILARIOUS! I am glad you are keeping her. I think you will be, too. Mine is sitting about eight feet away on the "coffee table" (leather ottoman/bench thingy) and she just looks gorgeous! The color in this light looks like a rich red-brown, and she is sporting a student's paper peeking out from the top (I have grading to do this weekend!). Definitely a keeper!