so im heading down to the outlet tomorrow or friday..

  1. so is there anything you guys want me to keep an eye out, put on reserve etc? reason why im asking is that i was asked to put stuff on hold for fellow PFs, so if you need me to just leave what you want and ill try to help out if i can.
  2. Me! Me!

    I snagged the optic bee lilac hobo but am looking for the flap bag in white or lilac. I am also looking for the optic gold metallic flap and the matching wristlet or skinny. I saw the snake trim flap and hobo but forgot the prices and no one I know remembers the prices they were going for at the outlet.

    Oooooh, last one.....the dusted suede flap bag. I was hoping to find some around $160 or so.

    Would you mind letting me know what's there or not and stuff like that? I might go to an outlet this weekend - not sure, who knows?!
  3. If there happens to be some hobos with a strap length between 20 - 24 inches, could you please try them on and tell me where it comes to on you?

    I hope you find lots of bargains. :smile:
  4. Aww, you are so sweet! I'm looking for one of those nylon mini skinnies like abandonedimages has with the pocket turnlock thingy on the front if it's less than $35, and, this is a total longshot because I haven't seen it anywhere recently, but I just got outbid on this on ebay and if you see ANYTHING like it, snatch it up! Any color, any product, haha! The embossed stuff is so pretty. :crybaby:I hate myself for not buying it when it came out.

    Is there anything in particular you're going in for, or just to browse? :graucho:
  5. I'm going to the Coach outlet in Williamsburg, VA..I'll be popping in everyday (for only 3 days:sad: ). But I too, will also look for what you gals want. I'm looking for the same bumblebee flap Kathyrose is & I really want a daphne. Wish me luck!
  6. Goodluck there! If you see the bumblebee flap.....hide it under a bunch of bags no one is looking at! LOL! Just kidding! Have fun!
  7. alright girls ill be going 2morrow, so ill just print this out before i leave and hopefully ill find them for you gals. is there also a sale on the 4/5 of august or something? a girlfiriend was babbling about that and i wasnt paying attention..
  8. aarti--which outlet ya going to?I don't frequent all the threads so i'm not sure ;)
  9. ahhh life happened and i couldnt get to the outlets, im thinking if i cant go tuesday i might as well go during the sale at woodbury commons. sorry girls :sad: i was all set to go today.